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Ch.3 Ch.3

Preparation and Utilization of the Patient Profile

synergism they may produce toxic or amplified effects
antagonism they reduce the effectiveness of each drug taken together
drug duplication if drugs are prescribed are the same
Theraputic duplication drugs prescribed have the same theraputic function
Medical history helps prevent potentially lethal aggravation of existing conditions by prescribed drugs
a history of drug abuse mental conditions or physical handicaps
insurance information includes ddetermination of insurance eligibility, the type of third-party payment, and coverage of the prescribed drugs
Current Prescription and refill info this info needs to be updated w/ each prescription refill
height and weight may be required to calculate accurate drug dosage and monitor weight loss or gain
diagnosis, therapies, lab tests/results, diet plans, and blood test helps the pharmacist check for accurate theraputic prescribing
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Similarities identifying info, insurance info, DOB, and medications prescribed
Differences instituional profile may include diagnosis, goals, special diet, medical test
Differences Retail profile contains a list of concurrent meds and refill info, the institutional profile does not
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