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chapter 3 and 4

Patient Profile identify patient, legal record, protect
identifying info (outpatient) name, DOB, and contact information
record of medications (outpatient) helps identify potential drug interactions
outpatient profile identifying info, medication records, allergies and adverse reactions
synergism produce toxic or amplified effects (carbon tetrachloride and ethenol)
antagonism reduce effectivemess of each drug taken together (birth control and antibiotics)
drug duplication drugs prescribed are the same (calan and isoptin)
therapeutic duplication drugs have same therapeutic function (ibuprofen and naproxen)
outpatient information drug abuse, mental conditions or physical handicaps, medical history, insurance, current prescription and refill info
institutional patient profile height and weight, diagnosis, therapies, laboratory test/results, diet plans, blood tests, release of patient information
HIPAA health insurance portability and accountability act
institution vs retail similarities identifying info, insurance info, DOB, medications prescribed
institutional vs reatil differences institutional has diagnosis, goals, special diet, medical test. retail has concurrent meds and refill info.
dosage conversion dosage conversion calculation to change dosage strength
NDC national drug code (10 digits)
NDC segments manufacturer's code, identifies the product, identifies the packaging
FDA food and drug administration
proprietary brand name or legend drug
info on drug label amount, drug name, dosage form, manufacturer, federal legend
federal legend prescription drug
liquids measured using callibrated equipment
splitter used to break tablets along a groove
capsule cannot be accurately divided, filled as written
liquid medications mostly for oral or parenteral use
measuring solutions or suspensions measure at room temperature
topical solution bottle with a dropper cap
cream or ointment ointment tube or jar
liquids for oral dosing a small neck bottle suitable for slow pouring
solid dosage forms large-mouthed dispensing container
Poison Prevention and Packaging Act all dispensing bottles should be sealed with child-proof caps
"easy open" cap if patient signs a waiver
information on label name, address, phone # of pharmacy, patient name, prescriber, date of dispensing
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