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Neely Vocab 03

Culture Way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs
Ethnic Group People who share a common culture, language, or history
Dialect Local form of a language that differs from the main language in pronounciation or the meaning of words
Dictator Individual who takes control of a government and rules the country as he or she wishes
Democracy Form of government in which citizens choose the nation's leaders by voting for them
Death Rate Number of people out of every 1,000 who die in a year
Economic System System that sets rules for how people decide what goods and services to produce and how they are exchanged
Desalinization Process used to make seawater drinkable
Deforestation Widespread cutting of forests
Acid Rain Rain containing high amounts of chemical pollutants
Birth Rate Number of children born each year for every 1,000 people
Emigrate To move to another country
Ecosystem Place where the plants and animals are dependent upon one another and their surroundings for survival
Erosion Process of moving weathered materials on the earth's surface
Export To trade goods to other countries
Developed Country Country in which a great deal of manufacturing is carried out
Developing Country Country that is working toward industrialization
Conservation Careful use of resources so they are not wasted
Crop Rotation Varying what is planted in a field to avoid using up all the minerals in the soil
Civilizations Highly developed cultures
Pesticide Powerful chemicals that kill crop-destroying insects
Irrigation Farming practice followed in dry areas to collect water and bring it to crops
Import To buy goods from another country
Tariff Tax added to the value of goods that are imported
Quota Number limit on how many items of a particular product can be imported from a particular country
Refugee Person who flees to another country to escape persecution or disaster
Monarchy Form of government in which a king or queen inherits the right to rule a country
Urbanization Movement to cities
Population Density Average number of people living in a square mile or square kilometer
Famine Lack of food
Cultural Diffusion The process of spreading new knowledge and skills to other cultures
Culture Region Area of the world that includes many different countries that all have cultural traits in common
Free Trade Taking down trade barriers so that goods flow freely among countries
Natural Resource Product of the earth that people use to meet their needs
Nonrenewable Resource Natural resources such as metals or minerals that cannot be replaced
Renewable Resource Natural resource that cannot be used up or can fairly quickly be replaced naturally or grown again
Created by: mjneely1229