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TRU RT Pharmacology

Trade NameOfficial NameGroup
Pitressin vasopressin Vasopressors
Neo-Snyphrine phenylepherine Vasopressors
Levophed norepinepherine Vasopressors
Adrenaline epinephrine Vasopressors
Crystalloids N/S, R/L, Normosol Volume expander
Colloids Albumin/Pentastarch Volume expander
Heparin Heparin Anti-thrombotics
Coumadin warfarin Anti-thrombotics
Streptase streptokinase Thrombolytics
Activase alteplase-recombinant Thrombolytics
Lasix furosimide diuretics
Valium diazapam benzodiazepines
Versed midazolam benzodiazepines
Noctec chloral hydrate non barb/benz hypnotic
Diprivan propofol IV anaesthetics
Etomidate amidate IV anaesthetics
morphine morphine analgesics (narcotic)
Xylocaine lidocaine local anaesthetic
Anexate flumazenil benzodiazapine antagonist
Narcan naloxone narcotic antagonist
methacoline methacoline direct cholinergic agonist
Prostigmine neostigmine indirect reverseable cholinergic agonist
Tensilon edrophonium indirect reverseable cholinergic agonist
Pavulon pancuronium ND-NMB (nic antagonist)
Zemuron rocrronium ND-NMB (nic antagonist)
Anectine succinylcholine D-NMB (nic antagonist)
atropine atropine Antimuscarinics/parasympatholytics 3
Hyosine Scopolomine Antimuscarinics/parasympatholytics 3
Atrovent itraproprium bromide Antimuscarinics/parasympatholytics 4
Spiriva tioproprium bromide Antimuscarinics/parasympatholytics 4
bLES bLES surface-active agents
Prolastin alpha 1 proteinase inhibitor alpha-1 proteinase inhibitor
cephalosporin carbapenum Beta Lactams
streptomycin streptomycin Anti-TB
Rifadin rifampin Anti-TB
Myambutol ethambutol Anti-TB
Tebrazid pyrazinamide Anti-TB
Pentan pentamidine Anti-protazoan
Lanoxin digoxin Inotrope/cardiotonic: Cardiac Glycoside
Intropin Dopamine Inotrope/cardiotonic: B1 adrenergic
Dobutrex dobutamine Inotrope/cardiotonic: B1 adrenergic
Primacor milrinone Inotrope/cardiotonic: cAMP PDI
CaCl CaCl Inotrope/cardiotonic: electrolyte
Atropine and Isuprel/isoproternol chronotropes
Xylocaine lidocaine Class I: antiarrhythmics (membrane stabilizers)
Tenormin atenolol Class II: antiarrhythmics
Cardarone amiodorone Class III: antiarrhythmics (increased refractory time)
Cardiazem diltiazem Class IV: antiarrhythmics (slow channel block)
Adenocard adenosine non VW antiarrhythmics
MgSO4 MgSO4 non VW antiarrhythmics
Nipride nitroprusside Vasodilators
morphine morphine Vasodilators
Vasotec enalapril ACE Inhibitor
Nirostat Nitroglycerine Anti-anginal (nitrates)
Cardiazem diltiazem Anti-anginal (Ca++ blocker)
NO2 NO2 Pulmonary Vasodilator
penicillins, cephalosporins, carbapenum penicillins, cephalosporins, carbapenum Inhibition of cell wall synthesis
amphotericin B amphotericin B Inhibition of protein synthesis
tetracyclines, aminoglycosides tetracyclines, aminoglycosides Inhibition of protein synthesis
rifampin, fluoroquinolones etc. rifampin, fluoroquinolones etc. Inhibition of nucleic acid synthesis
Created by: scofor
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