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career management

age discrimination act of 1967 passed to prohibit discrimination of people between 40 to 70
Americans with disabilities act gives civil rights to those provided on the right of race, sex, national origin, age, or religion
c.o.b.r.a It is the consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation act to provide insurance to fired employees
dexterity proficiency in using hands or body
abilities natural or acquired skills
assessment the act of evaluating
compassion to care deeply about other people and their well being
auditory relating to the sense of hearing
ethnics the principals of conduct that govern a group or society
fatigue weariness from labor or stress; tired
individual pertaining to one person
integrity following a strict code of conduct or standard of values
interests activities, things, and ideas a person likes or enjoys
interpersonal relationships between persons
intrapersonal relates to independent action
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