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Neely Vocab 05

Province Regional political division similar to states
Glacier Giant slow-moving sheets of ice
Peninsula Piece of land with water on three sides
Tundra Vast rolling treeless plain in high latitude climates in which only the top few inches of ground thaw in summer
Prairie Rolling, inland grassy area with very fertile soil
Cordillera Group of mountain ranges that run side by side
Service Industry Business that provides services to people instead of producing goods
Newsprint Type of paper used for printing newspapers
Secede To withdraw from a national government
Acid Rain Rain containing high amounts of chemical pollutants
Colony Overseas territory or settlement tied to a parent country
Dominion Self-governing nation that accepts the British monarch as the head of state
Bilingual Referring to a country that has two official languages
Parliamentary Democracy Government in which voters elect representatives to a law-making body, which chooses a prime minister to head the government
Prime Minister Official who heads the government in a parliamentary democracy
Created by: mjneely1229