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MOD 24

What stores and processes your explicit memories frontal lobe and hippocampus
What lobe would be activated when recalling a password and holding it in working memory Left frontal lobe
Calling up a visual party scene would activate which lobe Right frontal lobe
Hippocampus a temporal lobe neural center located in the limbic system, is the brains equivalent of a save button for explicit memories
when do people have trouble remembering verbal information but no trouble recalling visual designs and locations left-hippocampus damage
when do people have trouble remembering visual designs and locations but no trouble recalling verbal information right-hippocampus damage
what functions do the subregions of the hippocampus serve as? 1. when learning names and faces 2. when memory champions engage in spatial mnemonics 3. (the rear area) processes spatial memory
What plays a key role in forming and storing the implicit memories created by classical conditioning? The cerebellum
What 2 influences contribute to infantile amnesia 1. we index much of our explicit memory using words that nonspeaking children have not learned 2. the hippocampus is one of the last brain structures to mature
flash bulb memory a clear memory of an emotionally significant moment or event
When people are given a drug that blocks the effects of stress hormones, what happens? they will later have more trouble remembering the details of an upsetting story
serotonin helps cells do what? become more efficient at transmitting signals
long term potentiation -an increase in a cells firing potential after brief rapid stimulation -neural basis for learning and memory
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