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CM Obj 4.0

Career Management 4.0

Benefits Financial help in time of sickness, old age, disability, or the like.
Bias To prejudice or present information in a slanting manner.
Career outlook The number of jobs that will be available in a certain field in the future.
Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) Book that describes thousands of jobs in detail.
Entrepreneur A person who runs a business; a self-employed person.
Entrepreneurship The ownership, organization, and management of a business.
F4K A web portal developed to provide career and educational resources with industry and mentor support.
Free enterprise system Allows private ownership; profit motive; competition, and freedom of choice.
Inflation A sharp increase in the costs of goods and services.
Informational interview Talking to a person about his/her job.
Long-term goals Those things that a person wants to accomplish that may take several months to several years to accomplish (long term goals generally refer to those goals which will take one year or more to accomplish).
Mentor A trusted advisor.
Nontraditional occupations Occupations in which men/women compromise 25 percent or less of the work force.
Promotion Advance an employee earns by being productive, cooperation, dependable, and highly skilled
Recession A period of declining economic growth
Short-term goals Those things that a person wants to accomplish in a small amount of time (generally less than one year).
Telecommute To work at home using a computer connected to the network of one’s employer
Trade and professional journals Publications which contain information regarding trends, industrial innovations and training opportunities for specific professions.
Transferable Skills To carry, move, or shift a proficiency or ability.
Trends A direction of movement.
Video/voice conferencing Can be used as an option to replace travel.
Working conditions Information about hours, environment, and safety in regards to an occupation.
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