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RAMS/Life Vocab 1

Vocab for week 1

factor to fit into a problem
factor We factored sick days and vacations in when we prepared the work schedule.
factor one that actively contributes to an accomplishment, result, or process
factor Rajon Rondo factored in the win.
derive to obtain something from someone or something
derive Humans derived from monkeys.
derive to obtain from a specific source
derive The water derived from Fiji; the water capital of the world.
derive The idea that there were gods like Zeus and Poseiden derived from the Greeks.
indicate point out, show
indicate A compass indicates the direction in which you are heading.
indicate to state or express, especially briefly or in a general way; signal
indicate Paul indicated where the smoothie shop was.
indicate She indicated that she wanted something at the store.
indicate The stars on this map indicate the capitals of every state.
evident plain or obvious; clearly seen or understood
evident It's evident that you are the thief.
evident It was evident that the man was lying to the police.
interpret The woman had to help interpret for the deaf man during an important meeting that day.
interpret explain the meaning of words, information, or actions
interpret The evidence is difficult to interpret.
Created by: LCavanaugh