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Logic Games

Linear Games

Definition Fixed positioning and ordering of variables
Always choose a base that has an _________ sense of order Inherent
Not laws Where a variable cannot be placed
Blocks Fixed spatial relationships between variables
Split blocks Separated by a fixed number of spaces
Rotating blocks S and T are on consecutive days
Not blocks Q is not before R
Sequencing rules Relationship positioning of variables, block rules precisely fix variables, Q is before R, Q > R
Dual options Certain slots have a limited number of possibilities
Split dual H must be on the third or the fifth day
Sufficient condition indicators If, when
Necessary condition indicators Then, only, only if, unless
Linkage Connecting two rules
Restrictions Only a few options exist
Unbalanced games Under funded - fewer number, overloaded - greater number
Always convert False to true
Set up main diagram at Bottom of the page
Do your work Next to each question
Reuse info from Previous questions
Created by: mrshelley