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Drugs Quick Study

HTN, Anticoag

Patient with Heart failure and systolic HTN should be Rx what drug class? Diuretics
Patients with CAD, Heart failure, Migraine, and tachyarrhythmias should be Rx what drug class Beta Blockers
Pt with BPH should be Rx what drug class A-blockers
Pt with systolic HTN should be Rx Calcium channel blockers
A patient who had a previous MI and diagnosed with diabetic nephropathy should be Rx what drug class? ACEIs
Pt developed ACEI-cough, diabetic nephropathy and heart failure should be Rx what drug class? ARBs
What is CI with Diuretics? Gout
What is CI with BB? Asthma Heart Block
What is CI with A-blockers? Heart failure
What is CI with CCBs Heart Block/Failure
What is CI with ACEIs? RAS Pregnancy HYPERkalemia (high K)
What is CI with ARBs? RAS Pregnancy HYPERkalemia (high K)
B1 Blockers, Alpha 1 blockers and A2 agonist up/down regulate sympathetic tone? Down Regulation
Which drug classes have modulation of vascular smooth tone? CCB K+ channel openers
Which drug class reduces intravascular volume? Diuretics
Which drug classes have modulation of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system? ACEIs ARBs
DRI's (Direct Renin Inhibitors) Aliskien Site of action: Renin binding pocket MOA: prevents angiotensinogen from converting to Antiotensin I CI- pregnancy
CCBs short 2 types (Dihydropyridines, and Non-Dihydropyridines.
CCB Dihydropyridines Picture what? Chubby charity hot outside, drinking a smoothie in a bra
CCB Dihydropyridines Nifedipine MOA: blocks calcium from entering SMOOTH muscle AE: peripherial edema, dizziness, HA, flushing, reflex tachycardia Metabolized by CYP3A4
CCB Non-Dihydropyridines Picture what? a heart with nodes
CCB Non-Dihydropyridines Verapamil MOA: blocks EC Ca from cardiac tissue. SA/AV node, ARTERIAL smooth muscles AE: conduction disturbances, heart failure Substrates and inhibitors of CYP3A4 Do not give if pt taking BB or Electrical heart problems
Vasodilators types and drugs in class No formation- Hydralazine, Nitroprusside K+ channel openers- Minoxidil D1 stimulation- Fenoldpam
Vasodialator NO Formation- Hydralazine Picture what? Debbie Roberts with her skin flushed face
Vasodialator NO Formation- Hydralazine MOA: stimulates NO from endothelial cells dilates ARTERIOLES only Well absorbed but rapidly metabolized by 1st pass AE: SLE-like syndrome with higher doses
Vasodialator K+ channel Opener-Minoxidil Picture what? Hyper response "YES! I WANT HAIR!"
Vasodialator K+ channel Opener-Minoxidil MOA: Produces hyperpolarization of SMOOTH muscle membrane reducing excitation and contraction = vasodilation Half life 4 hrs, but 24 hrs hypotensive effect AE: Hypertrichosis
Vasodialator NO Formation- Nitroprusside Picture what? I've been poisened
Vasodialator NO Formation- Nitroprusside MOA: gives off NO itself when enters smooth muscles ARTERY AND VENOUS DILATION IV only HTN EMERGENCY Short Duration of action AI: Cyanide toxicity
Vasodialator D1 Stimulation- Fenoldpam Picture What? Mom mad "D#@% it! You calling me OLD?" WITH HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE
Vasodialator D1 Stimulation- Fenoldpam MOA: D1 receptor agonism, Decreases PVR and Increases renal blood flow, diuresis, natriuresis, minimal adrenergic effects USE IN HTN EMERGENCY
Centrally Acting Agents (2 drugs) Methyldopa Clonidine
Centrally Acting Agents Methyldopa Picture what? Me pregnant with Kennedi, kidneys, brain photo
Centrally Acting Agents Methyldopa Used to treat PIH, HTN methyldopa => methyl-dopamine/methyl-NE in CNS Stimulates Alpha 2 in Vasomotor center Renal blood flow maintained- Good for renal insufficiency Rec for pregnant women
Centrally Acting Agents Clonidine Picture what? Sad stick figure "Never Mind", with arrows pointing to his heart
Centrally Acting Agents Clonidine Site of Action: CNS NON-adrenergic binding sites and Alpha 2 binding sites BP reduction from decreased CO due to decreased HR and PVR Use with TCA = block effect PO or patch 50/50 hepatic metabolism and renal excretion
ACE Inhibitors Drug Class -pril Lisinopril
ACE Inhibitors think of Swollen diabetic coughing on toilet
ACE Inhibitors Beneficial for Diabetics with Proteinuria Site of Action: ACE in endothelium MOA: blocks ACE conversion from 1 to 2, blocks inactivation of bradykinin some are prodrugs AE: HYPERkalemia (high K), angioedema, cough CI: pregnancy and Ren Artery Stenos
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