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caliper device used to measure part thickness
fixed kvp charts the kvp is held constant for a given range of subject densities while the mas is varied to achieve an appropriate image density
variable kvp fixed ma chart kvp is adjusted for changes in part thickness while maintaining a fixed mas
detectors devices used to measure radiation in an AEC system
minimum response time the shortest exposure time that a particular system can produce
backup time maximum length of time the x-ray exposure will continue
three number of detectors an AEC system generally have
good positioning skills most important skill a radiographer should possess when using an AEC system
anatomically programmed radiography a radiographic system that combines an AEC system with a technique chart that is computerized to correspond to anatomical procedures
six hundred mas backup time exposure should not exceed this
one milisecond minimum response time in order to cut exposure
autotomography breathing technique
APR anatomically programmed radiography
light paddles detectors used in photomultiplier tube
photomultiplier tube type of AEC that gives off light when radiation hits it
electricity photomultiplier tube converts light to this
ionization chamber hollow cell that contains air and is connected to the timer circuit by an electrical wire
entrance type type of AEC whose detectors are positioned in front of the cassette
exit type type of AEC whose detectors are behind the cassette
Kilovoltage peak controls the potential difference between the cathode and anode and causes the electrons to flow between cathode and anode
MA factor controlling the number of electrons which wil flow from cathode to anode during x-ray exposure
tube current term used to describe the number of electrons flowing across the tube
small focal spot will produce more radiographic detail when used; most often with extremities
Critical part measurement for variable kvp/fixed mas charts is what
Shorter the scale of contrast for variable kvp/fixed mAs is what
Variable is what radiographic contrast is for variable kvp/fixed mAs
Higher patient dose is thisfor variable kvp/fixed mAs
increased tube heat load is this for variable kvp/fixed mAs
less critical part measurement for fixed kvp/variable mAs
longer contrast scale for fixed kvp/variable mAs
standardized radiographic contrast for fixed kvp/variable mAs
lower patient dose for fixed kvp/variable mAs
decreased tube heat load for fixed kvp/variable mAs
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