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Vocab. Level H

Unit 15

Vocab. - Level HUnit 15
adumbrate (v.) to outline or sketch broadly; to foreshadow or prefigure; to disclose partially
apotheosis (n.) the elevation of a person to a divine rank or status the glorification of a person as an ideal; a glorified ideal
ascetic (adj.) practicing strict self-denial or the sake of personal or spiritual discipline; (n.) one who leads a life of self-discipline, especially to express religious devotion
bauble (n.) a small, showy ornament of little value or use
beguile (v.) to mislead or deceive; to cheat; to divert; to cause to vanish unnoticed
burgeon (v.) to put forth new buds, leaves, or greenery; to develop rapidly or suddenly
complement (n.) something that completes a whole; the quantity or number needed to make up a whole; the full number or allowance; (v.) to complete
contumacious (adj.) obstinately or willfully disobedient; openly rebellious
curmudgeon (n.) an irascible, churlish person
didactic (adj.) intended to instruct, especially morally; inclined to moralize too much
disingenuous (adj.) lacking in sincerity or candor
exculpate (v.) to clear of guilt or blame
faux pas (n.) a slip in manners or conduct; a social blunder
fulminate (v.) to denounce or condemn vehemently; to explode, detonate
fustian (n.) inflated or pretentious language in speech or writing; a cloth made of cotton and flax
hauteur (n.) haughtiness of bearing or attitude
inhibit (v.) to restrain or hold back; to hinder or arrest; to prohibit
jeremiad (n.) an elaborate or prolonged lamentation; any tale of woe
opportunist (n.) one who makes a practice of taking advantage of circumstances to further his or her own self-interest, regardless of principles or ultimate consequences
unconscionable (adj.) not guided or restrained by conscience, prudence, or reason; unscrupulous; immoderate
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