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Stack #129772

Sociology 100

The scientific study of our societies and behavior in the many groups that make up a society? Sociology
What is society? Groups of people interacting together.
What did the industrial revolution result in? A need for higher education
Society is divided into? Sectors
Sectors are divided into? Social institutions
What is determined by social location? Social context
What system is used to determine your social location? stratification system
Define social environment. The expectations or what is considered "normal" in a persons social world.
Sociological imagination is ? The ability to perceive how social forces influence your own life and those of the people around you.
What did C. Wright Mills state? People often believe that their lives cn be explained mainly in terms of their personal successes or losses.
What behavior can change from on social environment to another? normative
Every culture has its own _____; own ideas of how the world operates. science
What is western science based on? finding the truth
3 things where truth comes from. Parents teaching, religion, hallucinations
Scientific method involves what 3 things? define Observation-must be empirical, gathering of data, generalizaiton-take all the data and look for relationships, patterns, irregularalities, theory-explantion states why this happened -predictions spefifies conditions in which something will happen
Where are concepts at? What are they? In our brains, ideas, mental constructs; simplified
Concepts are not ____, they are representations of _________ reality, reality
What are the 8 basic steps in scientific research? Define problem, literature research, formulate questions, ethical issues, select a method, gather data, analyze data, develop conclusions
Concepts, variables and correlations are all ________ or science. elements
What are variables? Characteristics that vary from case to case. Ie: frequency of divorce, marriage...
What are the two types of variables? define! dependant variable- depends on other variables. Independant variables - causes the change in the dependant variables
What is correlation A relationship between two variables.
Why does correlation NOT equal cause and affect. Because there may be a third variable.
What is the term for false or misleading when talking about correlation? Spurious correlation
What two types of correllation are there? Positive correlation- variable move in same direction and negative correllation - variables move in opposite directions
A statement that expresses an informed guess in regards to the possible relationship between 2 variables. Hypothesis
All propositions(hypothesis) have to be _______. falsifiable
A whole se of validated hypothesis is called what? theory
Theoretical perspectives are sets of what? Interrelated theories that offer explanations for important aspects of social behavior.
Science is a collection of _________. methods
When two or more independant people have to be able to come up with the same results, in science this is called? Self-correcting
What are two ethical issues of social science? Right to privacy and right to know
Why is human behavior complex? So many different variables affect it.
What is reactivity? When someone knows their being observed, their behavior changes.
Behavior ______ over time, between areas, regions ect... changes
Two methodologies used in social science? Participant observation and unobtrusive measures.
What kind of observation is it when researchers insert themselves into the environment that their studying? participant observation
What kind of observational technique measures the effects of behavior with minimal intrusion into actual social settings? unobtrusive measures
What do you have to be able to control all of the variable in? experiments
What kind of research gets information from people about their behavior, attitudes and those of others? survey
When every member of a group is asked the same questions, what kind of survey is this? Census
What kid of survey asks a randomly selected, appropriate sized group the same quesitons? Sample survey
When you set out to invaladate a hypothesis what kind of hypothisis are you doing? null hypothesis
What kind of survey is carried out monthly to 50,000 households to keep information up to date? Current population survey (CPS)
What 3 sets of people do they surveys have a hard time covering? homeless, immigrants, and migrant workers
What does age group mean? cohort
15th century was known as the? Age of discovery
Europe began exploring during the? Age of discovery
New discoveries, such as plants and animals resulted in? exploitation
Biblical explanation could not explain the _________ differences. language
17th century was know as what? Age of Science
What two things were invented to help science take off? telescope and microscope
During the age of science,science began to form ______ order. social
What was it called when royalty was at the top and peasants at the bottome? feudalism
What system states that if you were born a peasant you will always be a peasant? caste
What century was the enlightenment (age of reason) 18th century
Social philosaphers redifined _____ role. gods
Society was created by _______, not ______. people, god
If society was created by people, then people can _____ it. change
The 19th century was known as the? Industrial revolution
What formed the Industrial revolution? Early trends
Applying a scientific method to human affairs led to ______ science. social
Technilogical changes led to? name 2 things? increased agricultural production, factory production.
What was a draw back to factory production? More product than the local market could support.
Caste system changed to ? Class system
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