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Blood Quickening.

Menses Regulating

What is the Latin for Dan Shen? Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae
What is the dosage and channel entry for Dan Shen? 5-15g - LV - HT
What is the most important herb for treating blood stasis? Dan Shen
Name 2 functions for Dan Shen 1.Quicken the blood - 2.Regulate menstruation - 3.Cool blood and clear heat - 4.Eliminate vexation and quiet the spirit - 5.Disperse welling abcesses
What is the nature and flavor of Dan Shen? Bitter and slightly cold
Of the Menses regulating medicinals, this red flower is a key herb for gynecological blood stasis. Hong Hua
Hong Hua is known to dispel stasis and relieve pain particularly in which two regions of the body? Chest and abdomen
Which Menses regulating medicinal can be used topically for knocks and falls? Hong Hua
Which menses regulating medicinal can be used to moisten the intestines and free the stool? Tao Ren
Which herb goes to the LU & LI and is useful to treat pulmonary and intestinal welling abbesses? Tao Ren
Tao Ren is known as a ________-_________ medicinal because of it's powerful stasis dispelling action. Blood-Breaking
Which menses regulating medicinal goes to the Spleen and Liver? Ze Lan
Which menses regulating medicinal goes to the Lung, Large Intestine, Heart and Liver? Tao Ren
Which menses regulating medicinal goes to the Heart, UB and Liver? Yi Mu Cao
Which menses regulating medicinal goes to the Stomach, UB and Liver? Wang Bu Liu Xing
Which two menses regulating medicinal go the Kidney and Liver? Niu Xi & Chuan Niu Xi
Which herb is known to benefit the mother and why? Yi Mu Cao - Moves the blood via the HT & LV (fill the uterus via chong mai) - Irregular bleeding - Fertility issues - Post partum - Menstrual bloating (edema)
Although Ze Lan is similar to Yi Mu Cao, it is very mild and has two functions that are different than Yi Mu Cao, what are they? Trauma & Disinhibit urine (MILD)
What are the flavors of Nui Xi? Bitter - Sour - Sweet - Neutral
What is the direction of Nui Xi? Downward (guide to legs)
Name 2 functions for Niu Xi. 1.Quicken blood and free menses -2.Supplement LV & KD, strengthen sinews and bones -3.Disinhibit urine and free strangury -4.Conduct fire and blood downward
Between Niu Xi and Chuan Niu Xi, which is more effective to move the blood? Chuan Niu Xi
Which menses regulating medicinal will nourish the blood while promoting its flow through the channels? Ji Xue Teng
What are the natures and flavors of Ji Xue Teng? Acrid - Bitter - Sweet - Warm
Which menses regulating medicinal treats pain, paralysis and numbness due to wind damp or blockage? Ji Xue Teng
Which menses regulating medicinal promotes labor, lactation, urination and menstruation? Wang Bu Liu Xing
What are the natures and flavors of Wang Bu Liu Xing? Acrid - Bitter - Neutral
Created by: ElisaDanger