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Climate Change

Test your knowledge of climate change

A natural process in the atmosphere that creates the earth's climate Greenhouse Effect
When human activity makes the Greenhouse Effect more efficient Enhanced Greenhouse Effect
This process causes climate change because continents move position Continental Drift
This causes large quantities of fine particles to be placed in the atmosphere, reflecting sunlight and lowering temperatures Volcanic Eruptions
This human activity reduces the amount of carbon sinks Deforestation
Burning these releases large stores of carbon Fossil Fuels
This is the name given to where carbon is produced Carbon Source
This graph charts the rise in CO2 since 1958 The Keeling Curve
CO2 in the atmosphere rises in winter and falls in summer due to this Seasonal loss of leaves in winter
The reason why population growth causes climate change More food and space needed, causing deforestation
The reason why richer countries produce more CO2 More industries, power stations and transport buring fossil fuels
This provides evidence that temperatures in mountain areas has increased Glaciers have retreated
This provides evidence that temperatures in Polar regions has increased melting ice caps
this provides evidence that seasons have changed birds migrating earlier/later
this provides evidence that climate belts have moved plant and animal species exist in new areas
This is when the sea becomes warmer and expands, taking up more space thermal expansion and sea level rise
What is carbon capture? When CO2 is prevented from entering the atmosphere
What is energy efficiency? When appliances use less energy so reduce use of fossil fuels
How does renewable energy prevent climate change? It uses resources that do not produce CO2
How does recycling prevent climate change? It reduces landfill and so less methane is produced
Created by: dhowlett