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Blood Quickening

Stasis Transforming

Name 2 causes of inhibited blood movement. Cold - Heat - Qi stagnation - Qi vacuity - External injury - Phlegm turbidity - Blood vacuity
Most blood quickening stasis transforming medicinals enter the __________. Liver
What is the Latin for Chuan Xiong? Radix Ligustici Chuanxiong
What is the nature and channel entry for Chuan Xiong? Acrid - Warm - LV - GB - PC
Name the go to herb for both Gynecology & Headaches. Chuan Xiong
Which herb quickens the blood by regulating the Qi? Chuan Xiong
Name 2 functions with indications for Chuan Xiong. Quicken the blood and move qi: HA, menstrual pain. Dispel wind and relieve pain: Ribside pain, dizziness
What direction does Chuan Xiong move Qi? Upward
Which herb in the blood quickening stasis transforming medicinals is the most important to relieve pain? Yan Hu Suo
What is the nature and channel entry for Yan Hu Suo and how does this differ from Yu Jin? Yan Hu Suo: Acrid, Bitter, WARM, HT, LV, Spleen. Yu Jin: Acrid, Bitter, COLD, HT, LV, Gallbladder
What is the Latin for Yu Jin? Radix Curcumae
What function regarding Yu Jin is sure to be on your board exams? Disinhibits GB and abates jaundice
Which herb Clears the heart and downbears phlegm? Yu Jin
This is a great herb to treat inflammation or heat pain, it also cools the blood. Yu Jin
Which herb is known as the Qi and Blood Medicinal because it enters both? Jiang Huang, Rhizoma Curcumae Longae (Tumeric)
Which herb in the blood quickening stasis transforming medicinals is a go to herb for shoulder pain? Jiang Huang
Jing Huang has a modern application for _______________? High Cholesterol
Which herb in the blood quickening stasis transforming medicinals is a go to herb for both Trauma & Menstrual pain? Wu Ling Zhi
What is the nature and channel entry for Wu Ling Zhi? Bitter - Sweet - Warm - Liver
Which herb is useful if you get stung by a scorpion? Wu Ling Zhi
What two herbs are in Sudden Smile Powder? Wu Ling Zhi & Pu Huang
What is the contraindication for many stasis dispelling medicinals? Pregnancy
Ru Xiang and ___________ are a Dui Yao. Mo Yao
Which stasis transforming herb moves blood by moving qi? Ru Xiang
Which stasis transforming herb moves blood directly? Mo Yao
What are the channel entries for both Mo Yao and Ru Xiang? HT - LV - SP
Mo Yao and Ru Xiang are both Acrid and Bitter, what are their temperatures? Mo Yao (Neutral) - Ru Xiang (Warm)
Name 2 functions shared by Mo Yao and Ru Xiang 1.Quicken the blood - 2.Relieve pain - 3.Disperse swelling - 4.Engender flesh
What is the Latin for Ru Xiang? Gummi Olibanum
What is the Latin for Mo Yao? Myrrha
What are 2 functions of Ru Xiang not shared with Mo Yao? Dispel putridity - Move Qi
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