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Terminology week 5


Cerumen Wax-like substance secreted by modified sweat glands in the ear
Cochlea Portion of the inner ear involved in hearing
Conductive hearing loss Caused by abnormalities of the outer or middle ear that interfere with the transmission of sound
Equilibrium Steadiness or balance accompanied by a sense of knwoing where the body is in relationship to surroundings
Labyrinth Bony structure in the inner ear consisting of three parts and involved in balance
Meniere's disease Chronic inner ear disease associated with intermittent build up of fluid in the inner ear
Otitis Inlfammation of the ear
Otitis media Infection of the middle ear
Otoliths Calcium carbonate crystals found in the utrical and saccule of the inner ear
Ototoxicity Damage or toxicity to the ear
Presbycusis Bilateral hearing loss linked to aging and often accompanied by tinnitus
Tinnitus Intermittent or continuous whistling, crackling, squeaking or ringing noise in the ears
Tympanic membrane The eardrum
Utricle Saclike inner ear structure that senses forward and backward motion and side-to-side motion of the head
Vertigo Feeling of spinning space
Emesis Vomiting
Saccule Saclike inner ear structure that senses vertical motion of the head
Otosclerosis Hardening of the bones of the middle ear
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