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M4-Time & LD

Module 4-SPED 730

T/F: Students with language-based learning disabilities, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia and other disabilities, find it even more challenging than other students to manage their time. True!
Developing a sense of their individual task pace is essential for students to learn time management.
Students who have learning disabilities need high structure, explicit teaching and extended opportunities to practice strategies until they develop independent skills.
Time management is a very important skill, which can often make or break academic success.
Give some examples of how to teach task analysis to students and their parents to practice at home. think about how long it will take to ride a bike to a friend's house, make a sand castle, feed the family pet or color a picture.
Task analysis is the process of identifying what needs to get done to finish a given undertaking — whether it is a homework assignment or a long-term project like a research paper.
We want to raise student awareness of what a taks involves. Sometimes they do not realize how much they must do. What is one way to teach this skill? Ideally, teachers should allocate class time over a week or so for students to work with the Task Analysis & Time Estimation Sheets
What are some materials teachers can use to model time management in the classroom? Kitchen-style timer with a bell Stopwatch Task Analysis & Time Estimation Sheets Following steps and procedures
What are 3 ways students can see how well they manage time and their perception of time? Choosing and analyzing tasks Testing students' time estimates Mastering the Routine
Created by: bethalove
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