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M4-Math & LD

Module 4-SPED 730

Studies find that there may be an analog as important to _______________ learning as phonemic awareness has been to the development of _______________ Mathematics, Reading
Mathematical learning occurs as students do 2 things: 1. learn the conventions, language, and logic of a discipline such as mathematics from adults with expertise 2. actively construct meaning out of mathematical problems (i.e., try a variety of strategies to solve a problem)
T/F: reading instruction, both remedial and preventive, now invariably notes the importance of explicit instruction in phonemic awareness skills True
Phonemic awareness has changed the teaching of beginning reading, and that has influenced number sense developmental learning and more complex mathematical thinking
Students need to understand number sense as a foundation before moving on to bigger concepts
Number sense is difficult to define but easy to recognize.
number sense is likely to be necessary but not sufficient for developing problem-solving skills.
T/F: Building automaticity with basic facts is not an indicator of success False, it is an indicator
*KEY IDEA*: A devastating effect of the _____ of automaticity found that students w/ disabilities in mathematics tended to make significantly ______ growth in classrooms than students with disabilities taught with more traditional methods. lack, less
Some instructional research concluded that the focus of mathematics remediation for students with learning disabilities should involve: 1. extended practice on math facts for when the student still relied on counting procedures 2. opportunities for students to verbalize their understandings & rationales for the strategies used to solve problems 3. extensive practice in solving problems
T/F: There are links between number sense and specific cognitive problems experienced by students with learning disabilities True! It, more often than not, affects all areas with a cognitive delay
Highly specific instructional practices in early literacy activities can have significant benefits and may be beneficial for children who are lacking early numeracy experiences or students with learning disabilities
Created by: bethalove