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ab- Away from
ante- Before, forward
anti- Against
auto- Self
bi- Two, double, both
Brady- Slow
carcin- Cancerous
contra- Against, opposite
dys- Difficult, painful
ect- Outside, out
en- Within, in
endo- Within
epi- Above, upon
ex- Out
gynec/o- Woman
hemi- Half
hyper- Above, excessive
hypo- Below, deficient
infra- Below, inferior
inter- Between
intra- Within
iso- Same, equal
macro- large
mal- Bad, poor, abnormal
meta- Change, after, beyond
micro- Small
multi- Many
neo- New
non- Not
oligo- Few, less
pan- All
para- Near, beside
per- Through
peri- Around, surrounding
poly- Many, excessive
post- After
pre- Before, in front of
primi- First
retro- Behind, backward, upward
semi- Half
sub- Below, under
super- Above, over, excess
supra- Above, on top of
sym- With
syn- Together, with
tachy- Fast
tri- Three
uni- One
xero- Dry
-ac, -al, -ar, -ary Pertaining to
-algia Pain
-blast Germ or bud
-cele Hernia, herniation
-centesis Surgical puncture
-crine To secrete
-crit To separate
-cyte Cell
-cytosis Condition of cells
-desis Binding together
-ectomy Surgical removal, excision
-emesis Vomit
-emia Blood
-genesis, -genic, -gen Origin, producing, forming
-globin, -globulin Protein
-gram Record
-graph Instrument of recording
-graphy Process of recording
-ia, -iac, -ic Pertaining to
-iasis Formation or presence of
-ism Condition
-itis Inflammation
-ium Structure or tissue
-lepsy Seizure
-lysis, -lytic Break down
-malacia Softening
-megaly Enlargement
-metry Process of measuring
-oid Resembling, like
-(o)logist Specialist in the study or treatment of
-(o)logy Study of
-oma Tumor
-osis Abnormal condition
-ostomy Creation of an opening
-otomy Incision into
-ous Pertaining to
-paresis Paralysis
-pathy Disease
-penia Decreased number
-pepsia Digestion
-pexy Suspension or fixation
-phagia Eating, swallowing
-phobia Abnormal fear
-phonia Voice, sound
-phoresis Carrying, transmission
-phoria Feeling, mental state
-plasty Surgical repair
-plegia Paralysis
-pnea Breathing
-poiesis Formation
-r/rhage, -r/rhagia Bursting forth
-rrhea Flow, discharge
-rhexis Rupture
-sclerosis Hardening
-scope Instrument for viewing
-scopy Process of viewing
-somnia, somn/o Sleep
-spasm Involuntary contraction or twitch
-stasis Control, stop
-stenosis Narrowing
-therapy Treatment
-thorax Chest, pleural cavity
-tocia, toc/o Labor, birth
-tripsy Crushing
-trophy Growth, development
-tropin Nourish, develop, stimulate
abdomin/o Abdomen
aden/o Gland
adip/o Fat
amnio Amnion
andr/o Male, man
angi/o Vessel
aque/o Watery
arteri/o Artery
arteriol/o Arteriole
arthr/o Joint
ather/o Fat, fatty plaque
audi/o Hearing, sound
aur/o Ear
balan/o Glans penis
bili Bile, gall
Blephar/o Eyelid
bronch/o Bronchus
Bronchiol/o Bronchioles
Bucc/o Cheek
Burs/o Joints
calc/i Calcium
Capnia Carbon dioxide
xarcin/o Cancer
cardi/o Heart
carp/o Wrist bones
cephal/o Head
cerebr/o Cerebrum
Cirrh/o Yellow
chol/e Bile, gall bladder
Cholangi/o Bile duct
Cholecyst/o Gall bladder
Chondr/o Cartilage
coagul/o Clotting
cochle/o Cochlea
col/o Colon
colp/o Vagina (sheath)
conjunctiv/o Conjunctiva
cor/o, coron/o Heart
corne/o Cornea
cost/o Rib
crani/o Cranium, skull
cry/o Cold
cut/o, cuti, cutane/o Skin
cyan/o Blue
cyst/o Bladder, sac
cyt/o Cell
dacry/o Tears
dent Tooth
derm/o, dermat/o Skin
dipl/o Two, double
Dips/o Thirst
duoden/o Duodenum
dur/a Dura mater
electr/o Electricity
embry/o Embryo
encephal/o Brain
enter/o Intestines
Eosin/o, erythr/o Red
epididym/o Epididymis
episi/o Vulva
esophag/o Esophagus
esthesi/o Sensation
fasci/o Fascia
femor/o Femur
fet/o, fet/i Fetus
fibul/o Fibula
fund/o Fundus
gastr/o Stomach
gingiv/o Gums
glauc/o Silver, gray
gli/o Nerve cell
glomerul/o Glomerulus
gloss/o Tongue
gluc/o, glyc/o Glucose, sugar
hepat/o Liver
hyster/o Uterus
lith/o Stone
lymph/o Lymph
mening/o, meningi/o Meninges(membrane)
muc/o Mucus
my/o Muscle
myel/o Bone marrow, spinal cord
nas/o Nose
nephr/o Kidney
neur/o Nerve
or/o Mouth
orth/o Straight
oste/o Bone
phleb/o Vein
pil/o Hair
pneum/o Lungs, air
py/o Pus
retin/o Retina
rhin/o Nose
schiz/o Split
semin/o Semen
septi Bacteria
thorac/o Chest
thromb/o Clot
thyr/o Thyroid gland
trache/o Trachea
vas/o, vascul/o Vessel
Bradycardia Pertaining to a slow heart rate
Myocardium Heart muscle tissue
Myalgia Muscle pain
Hyperglycemia Too much sugar in the blood
Hypokalemia Low blood potassium
Metastasis The spread of cancer cells beyond the original site of the tumor through blood or lymph
Dysphagia Pertaining to difficulty in eating or swallowing
Pancreatitis Inflammation of the pancreas
Sublingual Pertaining to under the tongue
Conjunctivitis Inflammation of the conjunctiva
Subcutaneous Pertaining to below the skin
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