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Ikea W 5507

Competency 18.0 appendix C

Antigen A substance that is capable of causing the production of antibodies
Absorption The amount to medication that enters the blood stream
Active ingredients Ingredients responsible for the therapeutic of pharmaceutical action of the medication
Adjudication Left over debt after your insurance payments go through
Aresol Suspension of very fine liquid
Agranulocytosis Dramatic decrease. Of white blood cells
Ambulatory pharmacy Pharmacy near or in a clinic or hospital
Blister package Bubble wrap
Brand name drug A drug that is covered by a patent and only available from a single manufacturer
Buccal Solid medication placed between the cheek and the gum
Certification Non gov agency grants recognition of someone who has met predetermined qualifications
Chain pharmacy A pharmacy that is part of a large number of corporately owned pharmacies that use the same name and carry similarly branded OTC products
Compounding Usually tame place in a pharmacy and includes preparation, mixing , packaging and labeling of medication
Cost sharing The amount of insurance costs shared by the employee or beneficiary
Drug enforcement administration The federal agency administers and enforces the federal laws on controlled substances
Elixir A clear sweet flavored water and alcohol mixture intended for oral usage
Generic drug A drug that is no longer covered by a patent and is therefore generally available in many forms for cheaper
Half life The amount of time required for one half of the amount of radioactivity to decayor time needed for the drug to exit the body 50%
HIPPA Health insurance portability and accountability act protecting the privacy of patients
Licensure When the government grants a person the right to practice their skills once this person has earned a degree of competency in that practice to ensure public safety
Metabolism The breakdown of medicines in the body
National drug code number Contains the strength the package size and a unique number to indicated the medication
Over the counter drug Drug that do not require a prescription
Package inserts A manufactures prod cut information sheet that provides general drug information (instruction) how it works, dosage forms, how it reacts
Stock rotation Placing products that will expire sooner to the front and the ones. That would expire. Later to the back.
Technician A person skilled in the practical or mechanical aspect of the professio, they assist the pharmacist by doing day to day tasked that don't require Pham. Insight
Wholesaler A warehouse for medication, contains medication from all around the world
Transdermal Through the skin
Test strip Used to measure blood glucose
STAT As soon as possible
Trituration Act of mixing and crushing powders
Created by: Ikeamia