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Hormone's diseases

QuestionWhy ? Drug?SE
Dwarfism [why? Drug? SE?] Why: Deficiency of GH Drug: Somatropin [Recombinant human growth hormone] hints: 小人食數碼脆片->變大 Glycaemia hypothyrodism (reduces T3 production) Edema (retention of electrolytes) Headache
Acromegaly 肢端肥大症 / Gigantism 巨人症 [why? Drug? SE? ] Why: Hypersecretion of GH Drug: Octreotide (analog of sonatostatin) M: inhibit secretion of GH from anterior pituutary) hints: 十月巨人生膽石 Gallstones* Postprandial 餐后的 hyperglycaemia (inhibit insulin also)
Acromegaly 肢端肥大症 / Gigantism 巨人症 [why? Drug? SE? ] Why: Hypersection of GH Drug: Pegvisomant hints : 肥大Peggy so 猛,肝識飛 Alter liver function Flu syndrome
Addison's disease [why? Drug? SE? ] Why: Deficiency of ACTH Drug: Hydrocortisol + Fludrocortisone (analog of aldosterone) hints' Addison 太輕鬆, 要俾壓力佢 Cushing's syndrome: fat, hyperglycaemia, osteoporosis
Cushing's Syndrome / Hyperaldosteronism [why? Drug? SE?] Why: Hypersecretion of cortisol Drug: Trilostant [三撈屎丁] , metyrapone [Mary話封] hints:壓力Mary 話封左個三(舊)撈屎丁 Hypotension,rash
Hyperprolactinemia (Galactorrhea, hypogonadism 生殖官能不良) [why? Drug? SE?] Why: hypersecretion of prolactin Drug: Bromocriptine , carbagoline [漏奶, 保姆會癲,卡巴去線] Postural hypotension, constipation
Diabetes insipidus 尿崩症 [每個鐘去次小便,常口乾] [Why? Drug? SE?] Why: Decificieny of ADH(Antidiuretic Hormone)(吸水能力低,成日放hypotonic 既尿) Drug: vasopressin(same to ADH) /desmopressin (analong of ADH)[act on V2 receptor] SE:Fluid retention. Vasopressin 血管加壓素]: spasm of coronary artery (angina) [desmopressin: x act on V1 receptor]
Created by: kopoyeehk