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Bowie's Antibiotics

AntibioticsMFor: SE
Penicillin Bactericidal M: inhibit bacterial cell wall synthesis ( bind to PBPs -> cross link weaken + death) / /
Beta-lactamase inhibitor e.g. Clavulanic acid , tazobatam M: inhibit inhibitor inversely For: protect beta-lactamase sensitive penicillin from enzymatic inhibition Augmentin = amoxicillin + clavulanic acid Timentin = Ticarcillin + clavulanic acid Tazocin = Piperacillin + Tazobactam /
Tetracyclines 四環素 Bacteriostatic (Board spectrum) e.g. Doxylcycline M: inhinbit protein synthesis by inhiting 30S of ribosome **: Al / Ca / Mg anatacids reduce absorpotion of oral tetracyclines ** Fe/ bismuth subsalicylate, ZnSO4 ** milk/ milk produce reduce absorpt Boared range 1. damage to liver and kidney 2. permanent discolouration of teeth 3. photosensitization (曬太陽位會rash) **: Al / Ca / Mg anatacids reduce absorpotion of oral tetracyclines ** Fe/ bismuth subsalicylate, ZnSO4 ** milk/ milk produce reduce absorption
Cephalosporins (Cef- / Ceph-) e.g. Cefuroxime = Zinacef / Zinnat beta-lactamase sensitive M: inhibit bacterial cell wall synthesis ( bind to PBPs -> cross link weaken + death) / /
Carbapenems (-penem) e.g. meropenem, Tienam = Imipenem + Cilastatin (protect from acid degration] / /
Macrolides [-thromycin] e.g. Erythromycin, Clarithromycin Bacteriostatic M: inhibit 50S ribosime penicillin substitute for allergic patients URI / LRI Genial chlamydial infection Safe Erythromycin : hepatitis
Clindamycin Bacteriostatic inhibit 50S ribosome Rare infection by Bacteroides fragilis Fatal Pseudomembranous colitis (by CD)偽膜性大腸炎
Vancomycin Bactericidal G: Glycopeptides M:inhibit cell wall synthesis Enterocolitis with CD Red man syndrome (if fast IV)
Fluroquinones [-floxacin] Bactericidal M:inhibit DNA replication URI/LRI/ UTI Safe. photosensitivity, ruptured tendons!!
Metronidazole Flagyl M:inhibit DNA replication anaerobic infections Protozoal infections Diarrhea
Sulphonamides Bacteriostatic e.g. SMZ M: inhibit synthesis of folic acid board range Drug resistance
Trimethoprim Bacteriostatic M: inhibit synthesis of folic acid / Folic acid deficiency e.g. anemia, leukopenia & graunlocytopenia
Cotrimoxazole = trimethoprim + sulphamethoxazole synergistic bactericidal effect hypersensitivity
Chloramphenol Bacteriostatic inhibit 50S ribosome / Grey baby syndrome
Aminoglycoside 安甘糖 [ -mycin] e.g. Amikacin, Getamycin, Streptomycin Bactericidal e.g. Streptomycin,Gentamycin,amikacin M: inhibit protein synthesis by inhibiting 30S subunit ribosome -ve aerobic bacilli ^ effect with: 1. Penicillin ( 佢inhinit cell wall , 幫穿牆) 2. Neuromuscular blocker ( increase NM blockade -> muscle relex + respiratory suppress) SE: damage to ear + damage to kidney + NM blockage
Name 4 groups of Penicillin 1. beta-lactamase-sensitive penicillins 2. beta-lactamase-resistent penicillins 3. Extended spectrum aminopenicillins 4. Extened spectrum antipseudomonal penicillins e.g. in next page 1. Penicillin G (Benzylpenicillin) , Penicillin V (Phenoxybenzylpenicillin) [Long acting: Benzathine Penicillin G] 2. Cloxacillin 3. Amoxiciliin , Ampicillin 4. Ticarcillin, Pipercillin 1. Benzathine Penicillin G (IM) 2. bukly chain block beta-lactamase 3. acid stable (PO) 4. for pseudomonas aeraginses
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