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Quiz Unknowns 3.1

Quiz questions - pages 3 and 4

Who resigned from his post as Leader of the House of Commons in March 2003, in protest over the decision to take military action against Iraq? Robin Cook
In classical mythology, what was the name of the beautiful young woman who aroused the jealousy of Venus and the love of her son Cupid? Psyche
In agriculture, what name for land suitable for crops is from the Latin for “to plow”? Arable
The name of which edible mushroom is derived from the Greek for “drinking cup”, because of its yellow funnel-shaped cap? Chanterelle
What is the longest river in Northern Ireland, with total length of around 80 miles? Bann
In politics, the names of which two birds are used to contrast those favouring a conciliatory stance with advocates of a hard line position? Doves and hawks
Which 1986 TV mini-series starring Paul McGann as Percy Toplis, was about a mutiny of British soldiers during World War I? The Monocled Mutineer
Which of King Arthur’s knights was given an estate called Joyous Gard, for defending Queen Guinevere’s honour against Sir Mador de la Porte? Lancelot
In Indian cuisine, what name derived from a Persian word meaning “fried”, is given to a dish of Basmati rice, mixed with meat, often topped with a thin omelette and served with a separate vegetable curry? Biryani
What nickname was given to the RAF 617 squadron following its exploits in World War II? Dambusters
What name of French origin is given to a solemn procession especially for a funeral? Cortege
Which Essex-born writer set her first 13 novels in London’s criminal underworld, beginning with Dangerous Lady? Martina Cole
Which public school gives its name to a dessert of strawberries mixed together with whipped cream and crushed meringue? Eton
Which Somali-born former BBC world affairs correspondent was known for delivering his nightly reports on the roof of a Baghdad hotel during the Iraq War? Rageh Omaar
What nationality were the first Europeans who made their homes in Alaska, establishing their settlement in Free Saints Bay in 1784? Russian
The Great Gate of Kiev is the last movement of which famous work? Pictures at an Exhibition
The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town is the first non-fiction book by which author – released in 2006? John Grisham
Which Birmingham band first topped the charts in 1983 in the UK with “Is There Something I Should Know”? Duran Duran
Which saint – the mother of the emperor Constantine, is credited with the discovery of the cross of Christ? Helena
The northern tip of which island is the nearest land mass to the North Pole? Greenland
The Chiltern Hills are primarily composed of which limestone that was originally laid down in the Cretaceous period? Chalk
Which West Indian cricketer – who played for the Lancashire league team of Nelson, was knighted in 1962? Sir Leary Constantine
What is the nickname of Detective Constable Davies in the novels on which the TV series The Last Detective was based? Dangerous
On which island did Argentinian scrap metal merchants hoist their national flag in March 1982 in the lead-up to the Falklands War? South Georgia
Which American poet called Florence Nightingale “The Lady with the Lamp” in his 1857 poem Santa Filomena? Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
There are four true falcons native to Britain, what are they? Peregrine, merlin, hobby, kestrel
Operation Foxley was a plan devised by the British Special Operations Executive in 1944 to assassinate whom? Adolf Hitler
“O Lord, our God, arise, Scatter her enemies” is the beginning of the second verse to which song? God Save The Queen
Which British athlete won the gold medal in the women’s heptathlon at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games? Kelly Sotherton
In astronomy, what are Bradman, Beethoven, Zappafrank, and Mr Spock among many others? Asteroids
Commander Shore and his daughter Atlanta were characters in which 1960s children’s TV series? Stingray
What surname is shared by Oswald – a fashion designer, George – a Premiership footballer, and Paul – a former Labour candidate minister? Boateng
The males of the impala – a type of antelope found in large herds in central and southern Africa are noted for the shape of their horns, that resemble which ancient stringed instrument? Lyre
What was the popular name of the sedative which was rumoured to have been put in soldier’s tea by the British army in order to suppress their sexual urges? Bromide
Richard Avedon was a leading exponent in which artistic field? Photography
What relation was Richard III to Edward IV, whom he succeeded as monarch in 1483? Brother
What practice was introduced by London police in May 1983, to deter illegal car parking? Clamping
Which Tolkien character is the son of Belladonna Took and her husband Bungo? Bilbo Baggins
Which singer’s album “No Angel” became the UK’s biggest selling debut album by a female singer in 2001? Dido
Which institution was guarded at night by a detachment from the Brigade of Guards for nearly 200 years following the Gordon Riots? Bank of England
Pinhead or steel-cut is a rough ground form of which cereal, often associated with Scotland? Oats
In January 2007, the 14 year old Michael Perham became the youngest person to sail single-handed over which stretch of water in his yacht Cheeky Monkey? Atlantic Ocean
In Norse mythology, how many legs did Odin’s magical horse Sleipnir have? Eight
Which school of art history and its associated collection of paintings moved to Somerset House in 1990? Coutauld
In which organ of the human body do the posterior, superior and horizontal semi-circular canals converge in the vestibule? Ear
The drowned city of Ys is part of the mythology of which ethnic group of northern France? Breton
The name of which arboreal rodent comes from the Greek for “shade tail”? Squirrel
The towns of Malmesbury, Marlborough and Melksham are all in which English county? Wiltshire
Which art patron and philanthropist patented a device for making lump sugar and later merged his business with that of his commercial rival Abram Lyle? Henry Tate
In 1895, which conservation organisation received as its first donation four and a half acres of cliff land near Barmouth in Wales? National Trust
Nap, Lou and Skat are all types of what? Card games
Which song opens “Deep down Louisiana close to New Orleans, Way back up in the woods among the evergreens”? Johnny B Goode
Which 1917 film is truly the first motion picture made in Technicolor? The Gulf Between
Which animals can be seen in the British countryside each spring standing on their hind legs boxing as part of a courtship ritual? Hares
Which gas with the formula CH2O (or HCHO) is used in a solution of water for preserving biological specimens? Formaldehyde
What is the common name given to the whitish froth found on leaves and plant stems exuded by the larvae of froghopper beetles? Cuckoospit
Which Welsh soprano released the album Living A Dream in 2005? Catherine Jenkins
Which area of north-east Kent was formerly an island cut off from the mainland by the Wantsum Channel? Thanet
Created by: ischultz35
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