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Blood Staunching

What is the Latin for San Qi? Radix Notoginseng
What is the Latin for Pu Huang? Pollen Typhae
What is the Latin for Huai Hua? Flos Sophorae japonicae
What is the Latin for Ce Bai Ye? Cacumen Biotae orientalis
What is the Latin for Xian He Cao? Herba Agrimoniae pilosae
What are the four categories of blood stanching medicinals? 1.Blood-cooling 2.Stasis-transforming 3.Astrigent 4.Channel-warming
Name four causes of bleeding. 1.Frenetic Movement of Hot Blood 2.Blood Stasis 3.Vacuity Cold 4.External Injury
Excessive bleeding can cause _______ Qi vacuity. Spleen
What is the main ingredient in Yunnan Pai Yao? San Qi
This herb is often the chief in formulas for excessive uterine bleeding and menstrual pain. Pu Huang
Which herbs in the stasis transforming category are contraindicated in pregnancy? Pu Huang & San Qi
In addition to stanching bleeding, often from post partum stasis, what is one other function and indication for Pu Huang? Disinhibits urination and frees strangury: painful UTI with blood in urine
Qian Cao goes to which organ? Liver
Qian Cao is good to transform stasis and stanch bleeding, particularly in which part of the body? Upper (nosebleed, coughing of blood)
What is a secondary function of Qian Cao? Free the Channels
Which herb in the blood cooling category is used not only for cooling blood heat and dispersing abscesses, but also has a modern use in hepatitis and hypertension for damp heat in the liver? Da Ji
Xiao Ji is similar to but weaker than which herb? Da Ji
Xia Ji has blood cooling properties in addition to what other function? Disinhibit urination
Xiao translates as... Little
Da translates as... Large (Stronger)
What is the nature and flavor of Di Yu? Bitter, Sour, Slightly Cold
Which herb fits the following indications: Lower Jiao damp heat, bleeding,hemorrhoids,dysentery, burns, sores and eczema. Di Yu
In the blood cooling, blood staunching category, what is the key herb to treat hemorrhoids? Huai Hua
Huai Hua clears liver fire and is taken as a daily tea to prevent what? Hypertension
Ce Bai Ye is good to cool blood and staunch bleeding anywhere, although it is particularly useful for what? Bleeding gastrointestinal ulcers
What type of cough does Ce Bai Ye treat? Lung heat cough with blood streaked sputum (whooping - pneumonia)
Which herb in the blood cooling, blood staunching category is and ingredient in purple cloud burn cream? Ce Bai Ye
Name one function for Bai Mao Gen? Cool blood - stanch bleeding - clear heat - disinhibit urine
Which astringent blood stanching medicinal must be used with extreme care because of is very cloying nature? Bai Ji
Bai Ji is used topically for its function to disperse stagnation and engender _______. Flesh
Which herb in the astringent blood stanching can be used for vaginal infections, sores and to kill worms? Xian He Cao
Xian He Cao __________ stops bleeding and checks _________. Gently - Dysentery
If needed, you always have this herb available to stanch bleeding and close sores. Xue Yu Tan
Is Xue Yu Tan generally taken internally No, it will cause vomiting
Which herb is used widely because is can stop bleeding without causing blood stasis? San Qi
Name two functions and matching indications for San Qi. 1. Stops bleeding and transforms stasis: internal and external bleeding 2. Quickens blood and alleviates pain: traumatic injuries (fractures, contusions)
What is a modern application for San Qi? Coronary heart disease
Name the flavor and nature of San Qi. Sweet - Slightly Bitter - Warm
Name two uses for Yunnan Pai Yao 1.Bleeding from open wounds 2.Internal bleeding 3.Soft-tissue injuries 4.Gynecological disorders
What category is Zong Lu Tan? Astringent Blood Stanching Medicinals
Which herb is the node of the lotus root and is mild and gently in its function to astringe and stanch bleeding? Ou Jie
What is the Latin for Pao Jiang? Rhizoma Zingiberis preparatum
Pao Jiang is a key herb in the treatment of ___________ especially when there is cold in the lower jiao? Gynecology (bleeding too much and too long)
What is the Latin for Ai Ye? Folium Artemisiae argyi
Which channel warming blood stanching medicinal is best to use when the bleeding is profuse? (also quiets the fetus) Ai Ye
What is the AKA for Fu Long Gan? Zao Xin Tu
Which herb warms the center and staunches bleeding for deudenal and stomach ulcers? Fu Long Gan
Name 3 functions for Fu Long Gan. Warm the center - Check vomit - Check diarrhea
Created by: ElisaDanger



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