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Chapter 1 Test Guide

Role of the Limited X-ray Machine Operator

X-rays were discovered by: Roentgen
The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) is the: Organization that accredits schools for radiologic technologists
Another term that has the same meaning as practical radiographer is: limited operator
To determine the credentials needed for you to practice limited radiography, you should contact the appropriate state agency. True
The term limited operator is used because the: radiographer's competence is limited
Reciprocity means that: credentials issued in one area are recognized in another.
Which of the following physicians has received extensive additional training and would be considered a specialist? 1. Radiologist 2. Obstetrician 3. Pediatrician 1 and 2
A specialist who interprets radiographs and performs special imaging procedures is called: radiologist technologist
An order for an x-ray examination is issued by: a physician
Which is considered a duty of limited operator? 1. Determine what examination should be performed 2. Explain the procedure and the preparation to the patient. 3 Position the patient correctly in relation to the image receptor and the x-ray tube. all of the above
The largest professional organization for radiologic technologies is the ASRT (American Society of Radiologic Technologists)
The curriculum for limited x-ray machine operators is published by the ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists)
An organization that now provides accreditation for limited x-ray schools is the: JRCERT (Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology)
A podiatrist diagnoses and treats disorders and diseases of: the feet
Bone densitometry is a specialized x-ray machine and procedure that measures: bone mineral content
Limited operators can perform the same x-ray examinations that radiographers can. False
Credentials for limited operators vary greatly from state to state True
When, where, and by whom were x-rays discovered? X-rays were discovered on 11/08/1895 by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen at the University of Wurzburg in Germany
What is the purpose of the ARRT? Why might this organization be important to a limited x-ray machine operator? Is to certify radiologic technologies, and its limited curricula to meet the needs of individuals performing diagnostic x-ray procedures within a limited scope.
List the possible consequences of practicing radiography outside the limitations imposed by local regulations. Fines Imprisonment Both Suspended license Revoked license
What is the professional credential used by radiologic technologies after passing the ARRT examination in radiography and what does it stand for? RTS that are certified by ARRT are to use the initials (RT) meaning Radiologist Tech.
Explain what is meant by reciprocity? The education and credential issued in one state is approved in another state.
List three activities that might take place in the "front office" of a clinic Medical records Billing Insurance claims
List four activities that might take place in the "back office" of a clinic Consulting rooms examination rooms treatment rooms laboratory
List five typical duties of a limited x-ray machine operator. 1. BMO greets patient 2. Determines if patient should undress & put a gown 3. PT is taken into the radiography room 4. BMO provides a brief examination & answer any questions 5. Assist the patient into the general position required for the examination.
The official term for people who perform limited x-ray procedures is limited x-ray machine operator. Name at least three other terms that may be used in some states. 1. basic x-ray machine operators 2. practical x-ray machine operators 3. limited radiologic technologists
Angiography Imaging of blood vessels with the injection of special compounds called contrast media
Computed tornography Computerized x-ray system that provide axial images (transverse "slices") of all parts of the body
Positron emission tomography A highly sophisticated computerized form of nuclear medical imaging
Mammography Imaging of the breast using a special x-ray machine
Sonography Imaging of soft tissue structures using sound echoes
Nuclear medicine Injection or ingestion of radioactive materials and the recording of their uptake in the body using a gamma camera
Radiation therapy Treatment of malignant disease using radiation
Magnetic resonance imaging Computerized imaging system that uses a powerful magnetic field and radiofrequency pulses to produce images of the body
Anesthesiologist Administers anesthetics and monitors patients during surgery
Geriatrician Specializes in problems and diseases of the elderly
Obstetrician Specializes in pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum care
Oncologist Specializes in tumor identification and treatment
Pediatrician Treats and diagnoses disorders and diseases in children
Radiologist Specializes in diagnosis by means of medical imaging
Orthopedist Diagnoses and treats problems of the musculoskeletal system
Thoracic specialist Specializes in problem of the chest
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