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PHL101 Chap 2 Review

PHL 101 Chapter 2 Review

According to Craig, the kalam cosmological argument establishes that _____. the universe has a cause
Craig says an actually infinite number of things _____. cannot exist
Craig argues that the series of events in time cannot be actually infinite, so we know that _____. the universe is finite in the past and began to exist
According to Aquinas, an infinite regress of causes is _____. impossible
Aquinas says that the first efficient cause of everything is _____. God
Paley says that every indication of contrivance and design that exists in the watch exists in _____. the works of nature
Paley maintains that the key difference between the “contrivance” of a watch and that of nature is that the latter is _____. greater and grander
According to Paley, we must conclude that a watch had an intelligent designer if the watch _____. shows purposefulness
Philo says the analogy that Cleanthes uses to make his case is _____. weak
Anselm assumes that a being that exists in reality is greater than a being that _____. exists only in the understanding
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