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Trauma, Mobile, & Su

Trauma, Mobile, & Surgery

List 2 primary types of mobile x-ray units. Battery-powered;battery-driven and Standard AC power source, non motor drive
Which type of mobile unit is lighter in weight? Standard AC power source, non motor driven
With battery powered types, how long does recharging take if the batteries are fully discharged? 8 hours
True/False: A fully charged battery powered mobile unit has a driving range of up to 10 miles per hour on level ground. True
What is the common term for a mobile fluoroscopy unit? C-arm
Why shouldn't the mobile fluoroscopy unit be placed in the AP projection? Because of increased exposure to head and neck region
Of the 2 monitors found on most mobile fluoro units, which one is generally the "active" monitor - left or right? left monitor
True/False: The intermittent mode used during mobile fluoro procedures is helpful during procedures to produce brighter images, but results in significantly increased patient exposure. False - reduces patient exposure
Name the feature that allows an image to be held on the monitor while also providing continuous fluoro imaging. Roadmapping
A 30 degree C-arm tilt from the vertical perspective will increase exposure to the head and neck regions of the operator by a factor of __________. Four
Which single term best describes the primary differences between trauma positions and standard positioning? Adaption
List four regions of the body most commonly dislocated during trauma. Shoulder; Patella; Finger/Thumb; Hip
What is the correct term that describes the relationship of the long axes of fracture fragments? Apposition
Which term describes a type of fracture in which the fracture fragment ends are overlapped and not in contact? Bayonet Apposition
Which term describes the angulation of a distal fracture fragment toward the midline? Varus (lateral apex)
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