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Qi Rectifying

(Yin/Yang) Qi is the material basis for qi Yin
(Yin/Yang) Qi is the activating function of qi Yang
The nature of most herbs in this category are_____. Acrid, dispersing, and warm
What is the nature and temperature of Chen Pi? Acrid, bitter, and warm
Which herb acts to move qi and fortify the spleen, dry damp and transform phlegm, and prevent stagnation? Chen Pi
This herb is used with tonifying herbs to prevent their cloying nature from causing stagnation. Chen Pi (also Mu Xiang)
Citri Reticulatae Viride Pericarpium is the latin for which herb? Qing Pi
Which herb is best to course the Liver and break up stagnant qi; Chen Pi or Qing Pi? Qing Pi
Which herbs acts to course liver qi and also disperse accumulations and transform stagnation? Qing Pi
Which herb is more bitter; Chen Pi or Qing Pi? Qing Pi
Which herb is more acrid; Chen Pi or Qing Pi? Chen Pi
This herb is used for significant liver qi constraint causing distention and pain in the chest, breasts, hypochondriac region, and shan. Qing Pi
Fructus Immaturus Citri Aurantii is latin for (Zhi Shi/ Zhi Ke)? Zhi Shi
Which has a stronger effect for breaking qi and eliminating glomus; Zhi Shi or Zhi Ke? Zhi Shi
Which are the only 2 herbs that are slightly cold in nature (of the more emphasized herbs)? Zhi Shi & Zhi Ke
Which herb has a very strong function to move qi in the intestines to treat constipation? Zhi Shi
In addition to moving qi and abducting stagnation, which herb also disinhibits water and disperses swelling? Da Fu Pi
Radix Aucklandiae Lappae is latin for____. Mu Xiang
Which herb has a modern use to treat gallstones? Mu Xiang
This herb adjusts & regulates stagnant qi in the intestines for diarrhea, dysentery, abdominal pain, gas, and IBS. Mu Xiang
What are the channels entered by Mu Xiang? GB, LI, SP, ST, SJ
With Qing Pi, this herb is useful to regulate menses & alleviate pain when caused by Liver qi constraint. Xiang Fu
Which 2 herbs are especially useful to spread liver qi? Xiang Fu & Qing Pi (also Fo Shou)
This herb is warming and is especially useful for cold stagnation causing chest and abdominal pain, menstrual pain, and inhibited or frequent urination. Wu Yao
This herb specifically frees yang qi to disperse binds. Xie Bai
What is the pinyin for Bulbus Allii (bulb of garlic chives)? Xie Bai
What are the 4 herbs in the formula Si Ni San (Frigid Extremities Powder)? Chai Hu, Zhi Shi, Bai Shao, Zhi Gan Cao
Which herb promotes qi absorption and calms panting when qi is not being grasped by the kidney? Chen Xiang
This herb warms the center and checks vomiting due to cold in the middle jiao. Chen Xiang
Which herb is used topically to kills worms and treats lichen? Chuan Lian Zi
Which herb is used in cases of liver heat or fire causing constraint and pain? Chuan Lian Zi
This herb is specifically used in cases of constraint causing shan disorders and painful swollen testicles. Li Zhi He
Which herb is especially useful for hiccups? Shi Di
This herb is useful when the liver is impacting stomach function causing oppression, distention, and pain in the stomach duct. Mei Gui Hua
Which herb has a function to harmonize blood and disperse stasis for menstrual irregularity, breast distention, and trauma (w/ Xiang Fu)? Mei Gui Hua
Which herb is effective for moving qi, but not very effective for pain? Fo Shou
This herb courses the liver and resolves depression, rectifies qi and harmonizes the center, dries damp, and transforms phlegm. Fo Shou
Which herb in the Qi Rectifying medicinals is slightly toxic and cold? Chuan Lian Zi
This herb opens the chest and frees the diaphragm. Tan Xiang
What caution should be taken with all Qi Rectifying medicinals? Use care in insufficiency of Qi and Yin
Which two herbs go to the San Jiao? Mu Xiang and Xiang Fu
Which herb is astringent? Shi Di
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