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Italian Idioms X

TALE So and so
UN PASSO AVANTI A step in the right direction
FARE I PASSI PER To take steps to ....
STARE ANCORA BENONE Still going strong
SUBENTRARE To take over (from)
PERDERE LE STAFFE To lose one's temper
ANTIQUATO Behind the times
DIVERTIRSI UN MONDO To have the time of one's life
ESSERE IN GAMBA To be one one's toes
Quel tale parla troppo That so and so talks too much
Questo è un passo avanti This is a step in the right direction
Hanno fatto I passi per recuperare la situazione They took steps to recover the situation
Ha novant'anni e sta ancora benone He's 90 and still going strong
Antonio subentrerà a Giuseppe come capitano Anthony will take over as captain from Joseph
Alla festa ho sentito solo convenevoli I heard nothing at the party but small talk
Guidare nel traffico mi fa perdere le staffe Driving in heavy traffic makes me lose my temper
La vecchia zia Sara è antiquata Old aunt Sarah is behind the times
Si è divertito un mondo in Spagna He had the time of his life in Spain
Se I genitori vogliono tenere dietro ai figli, devono essere in gamba If parents want to keep up with their children, they have to be on their toes.
Created by: marcoporres