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Medical Term Suffix

Medical Term Suffixes

-Algia Pain
-Cele Hernia
-Dynia Pain
-Emesis Vomiting
-Emia Blood
-ia State Of;Condition
-itis inflammation
-lysis destruction;separation;breakdown
-malacia softening
-megaly abnormal;enlargement
-oma benign tumor;mass
-osis abnormal condition
-pathy disease process
-penia decrease;deficiency
-phobia irrational fear
-ptosis downward displacement;drooping;prolapse;sagging
-ptysis spitting
-rrhage;-rrhagia bursting forth
-rrhea flow;discharge
-rrhexis rupture
-sclerosis hardening
-spasm sudden;involuntary contraction
-stenosis abnormal narrowing;stricture
-y process
-centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid;aspiration
-desis surgical fusion; surgical binding
-ectomy excision;surgical removal
-graphy process of recording; producing images
-gram record;writing
-graph instrument used to record
-merty to measure;measurement
-meter instrument used to measure
-opsy to view
-pexy surgical fixation
-plasty surgical reconstruction;surgical repair
-rrhaphy suturing
-scope instrument used to visually examine ( a cavity or organ)
-scopy process of visually examining (a body cavity or organ)
-stasis stoppage;stopping;controlling
-stomy new opening
-tome instrument used to cut
-tomy incision;process of cutting
-cyte cell
-er;-or;-ician;-logist;-ist specialist;one who specializes;specialist in the study of
-ion process
-logy study of;process of study
-plasia development;formation
-poiesis production;manufactures;formation
-trophic;-trophy development;growth;nutrition
-genic produced by;producing
-oid resembling
-ole;-ule small
-ac;-al;-ary;-eal;-ic;-ous pertaining to
-asise ease
-ar pertaining to
-cuspid projection;cusps
-drome to run
-form shape;form
-genous produced by
-gnosis knowledge
-mortem death
-plasm development;formation
-tropia turning
-version turning;tilting
-al;-ic;-ior pertaining to
-ism process
-ium;-um structure
-sis State of ; condition
-dermis skin
-derma skin
-therapy treatment
-porosis porous
-blast immature
-clasis surgical fractureor refracture
-clast breakdown
-genesis formation
-sarcoma malignant tumor of the connective tissue
-rrhexis rupure
-asthenia no strength
-clonus turmoil
-kinesia movement;motion
-thermy heat
-schisis cleft;splitting
-us condition;thing
-tic pertaining to
-esthesia sensation
-phasia speech
-plegia paralysis(loss or impairment of motor function)
-taxia order
rrhaphy to suture
ad toward,near to
ab away from
dys difficult,bad
graphy recording
graph to write,record
gram weight
opsy to view
pexy surgical fixation
plasty surgical repair
ate action,use
blast immature cell,germ cell
ectasis dilatation,distention
gen,genesis,genic produce,formation
gram weight
ic pertaining to, chemical
ive nauture of , quality of
lymph clear fluid,serum
lysis distruction,to separate
megaly enlargment,large
-fusion to pour
clasts remove break down
blasts germ
osteo bone
diaphysis shaft
epiphysis growth area near the end of a bone
erythro red
poiesis formation
periosteum tough membrane covering the bone
red bone marrow located in spongy bone
yellow bone marrow in meduallrt cavity
hemato blood
compact bone hard dense strong bone
spongy bone lighter found at the ends of long bones
ilium hip bone
ischium Bone making up the lower down back part of the pelvis.
acetabulum cup-shaped socket of the hip joint
patella kneecap
femur the bone in the leg that extends from the hip to the knee
tibia bone in the leg ...shinbone
fibula outside) and smaller of the two long bones in the lower leg between the knee and ankle
phalanges one of the bones in the fingers or toes
meta beyond
carpals One of the wrist bones
kinesi assoc tih curved spine
ankly assoc tih curved spine
kypho -assoc tih curved spine
lordo (blank)
pubis anterior portion
symphysis pubis holds bones togethr
sacrololiac articlutaion btn the scarum and ilium
ilium upper, blade shape bone
bursa/o fibrous sac that lines
ligament band of connective tissue that connects bones
tendon firbrous connective tissue that attches muscle to bone
synovia moveable
chondro cartilage
myo/ myos muscle
arthro joints
flexion limb is bent
extension straight
inversion turning inward
eversion turning outward
abduction away from middle
adduction movement towards middle
pronation palm down
supination palm up
rotation turning on its axis
clavicle collar bone
blasts growth
hnp herniated nucleus pulposus
sub under
mandibular jaw
kinesi movemeny
brady slowed
costal rib
clasis breaking
otomy surgical opening
hyper excessive
trophy development nurishment
humero elbow
ulnar elbow
how many cervical vertebrae 7
how many thoracic vertebrae 12
axis c2
myelo spinal cord or bone marrow
tmj temporal mandibular joint
centesis aspiration of fluid
necro death
cephlodynia headache
-pathy disease
pedia child
pedo foot
pelv/o pelvis
-penia decrease
-pepsia digestion
peri- around
-phagia swallow, eat
phalang/o phalanges (finger and toe)
pharyng/o pharynx/ (throat)
-phasia speech
phleb/o vein
-phobia fear
-plasia formation,growth
-plasm formation,growth
plasty surgical repair
-plegia paralysis
pleur/o pleura
-pnea brathing
pneum/o lung air
poly- many, much
post- after, behind
poster/o back (of body) behind, posterior
pre- before
proct/o anus, rectum
-ptosis prolapse, falling. dropping
pyel/o renal pelvis
py/o pus
quadri- four
radi/o x-rays, radiation
rect/o rectum
ren/o kidney
retin/o retina
rhin/o nose
roentgen/o x-rays
-rrhage bursting fort (of)
-rrhaphy suture
-rrhea flow, discharge
sacr/o sacrum
sclera/o hardening, sclera (white of the eye)
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