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Bennetts Fx at base of 1st metacarpal
Boxers Fx of the metcarpal neck
Buckle Impacted fx with bulging of periosteum
Clay shovelers Avulsion fx of spinous process in lower cervical and upper thorasic (dorsal)
Colles Fx of distal radius with posterior displacement
Hangmans Fx anterior arch of c2 due to hyperextension
Hill-sachs defect Impacted fx of posterolateral aspect of humeral head with dislocation
Jefferson Comminuted fx of ring of c1
Jones Avulsion fx of the base of 5th metatarsal
Potts Avulsion fx of medial malleolus with loss of ankle mortise
Smiths Fx distal radius with anterior (palmer) displacement
Compression Fx causes compaction of bone and a decrease in length or width
Simple An undisplaced fx
Compound Fractured end of bone has penetrated skin (open fx)
Incomplete Fx does not transverse entire bone; little or no displacement
Greenstick Break of cortex on one side of bone only; found in infants and children
Avulsion Small bony fragment pulled from bony prominence as a result of forceful pull of the attatched ligament or tendon.
Hairline Faint undisplaced fx
Butterfly Comminuted fx with one or more wedge or butterfly wing-shaped pieces
Spiral Long fx encircling a shaft; result of torsion (twisting force); especially lower leg (distal tibia and proximal fibula)
Oblique Longitudinal fx forming an angle (approx 45 degree) with the long axis of the shaft.
Transverse Fx ocurring at right angles to long axis of bone
Monteggia Fx proximal third of ulnar shaft with anterior dislocation of radial head
Trimalleolar Fx lateral malleolus, fx medial malleolus on medial and posterior surfaces
Pathologic Fx of bone weakened by pathologic condition such as metastatic bone disease
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