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CNA medical terms

Arriba juntos

Abduction Moving an arm or leg from center of the body
Abnormality Condition different from normal
ADL Activities of Daily Living Activities or task such as grooming , bathing, exercise
Adduction Moving arm or leg toward the center of the body
Alignment Formed into a straight line
Allergic Hypersensitive reaction of the body to a specific substance
Alveoli Tiny air sacks in the lungs
Alzheimer's Disease Chronic degenerative brain disease resulting in loss of memory, personality, and judgement
Ambulatory Able to walk in the up right position
Ambulating Device A device used to assist walking such as a walker, crutches or cane.
Amino Acids Units of protein structure
Anatomy Parts of the body
Anterior Front
Anus Opening to the Rectum
Anxiety A feeling of worry or uneasiness
Apathy Lack of emotion over a situation
Aphasia Loss of language or verbal communication
Appendage Attatchment
Arteries Blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood away from the heart
Arterioles Tiny arteries, which carry blood from large arteries to capillaries
Arthritis Chronic disease of the joints resulting in stiffness and pain
Aseptic Free of microorganisms
Aspiration Inhaling of food, liquid, mucus, or vomit into air passages
Assessment Observing and reporting
Asthma Disease of the Bronchi which causes difficult breathing wheezing, and tightness of the chest
Atrium Upper chamber of the heart
Atrophy Wasting away of muscle
Axilla Refers to the area under the arm known as the arm pit
Base of support Feet when standing and hips when sitting
Behavior Actions that can be observed and messured
Bifocal Two different prescriptions in one eye glass lens
Bile Substance manufactured by the liver
Bladder Urinary organ
Blood pressure Force of blood against artery wall
Brachial On the arm
Bronchi Tubes that connect trachea to the lung
Bulb End of thermometer containing mercury
Calibrated Marked with graduated lines as on a thermometer
Capillaries Small blood vessels which carry nutrients individuals cells
Carbohydrate Nutrient derived from Plants-sugars and startches
Cardivascular Refers to heart and blood vessels
Cartilage Gristle like pad between bones
Cataract Clouding of the lens of the eye
Catheter Urinary sterile tube inserted into the bladder to drain urine
Cc Cubic centimeter 1000 cc=1 quart
Center of Gravity Place where mass or bulk of object is centered
Centimeter cm Metric measurment of height
Cerebellum Part of the brain in the back of the skull that regulates muscular activity
Cerebral Hemisphere Division of the brain into two parts
Cerebrum Part of the brain which is the center of thinking, memory and learning
Cerebral Palsy Chronic disease of the nervous system resulting in uncontrollable movement
CNA Certified Nursing Assistant
Chronic Ongoing
Chronological Charted in the order in which events occurred
Cilia Microscopic hair like appendage that sweep foreign matter out of the trachea and bronchi
Closed urinary drainage system The complete drainage unit which connects the catheter, drainage and collection tube
Coccyx Tailbone
Code of ethics How a particular group conducts itself regarding a set of moral principles or values
Coercion Use of force
Colon Large intestine
Communication The process of engaging thoughts,opinions, and information by speech or writing
Compassion Sorrow for the suffering of others, with the desire to help
Concentrated Containing less water
Confidential Trust, not sharing information about residence, except within the healthcare team
Confrontation Argument
Contracture Permanent shortening of the muscle
Contraindicated Indicates against, not acceptable for treatment of a condition
Cynosis Blueish color of the skin due to lack of oxegyn
Cystic Infection of the bladder
Decubitus ulcer Bed sore, Pressure sore
Defecate Have a bowel movement
Degeneration Worsening condition
Dehydration Condition when more fluid is put out than is being but in
Dementia Mental deterioration, loss of ability to think clearly
Depression Feelings of uselessness, sadness, or lonliness
Dermis Inner layer of skin
Diabetes mellitus Disease in which insufficient insulin is secreted from the pancreas
Diaphragm Muscle which separates the chest cavity from the abdomin
Diastolic Blood pressure when hear relaxes
Digestion Conversion of food into a form that is soluble
Digestive Track Body system which digests food
Discrimination Act of treating someone unfairly based on age, sex,race, religion, or ethnicity
Disinfection Process of killing microorganisms
Documentation Written information in the medical record
Dressing Clean, cloth covering for a wound or sore
Duodenum First loop of a small intestine where most of digestion occurs
Economic Deppression A period in history when banks failed and many families lost their homes, jobs, and possessions.
Edema Collection of excess fluid in tissues. Swelling due to increased fluid in tissue
Elasticity Ability to expand and contract
Electrolyte Elements which are capable of conducting electricity
Elimination Process of removal of waste products from the body
Emesis Vomit
Empathy Ability to identify, experience the feelings and thoughts of another person
Endocrine System System of glands, which secrete hormones into the blood
Enema Insertion of fluid into the rectum and colon
Enriched Vitamins added to product
Environment Physical and social surroundings
Epidermis Outer layer of skin
Epiglottis Cartilage which covers the opening of the trachea when foods and fluids are swallowed
Equilibrium A state of rest or balance
Erythema Redness of the skin
Eshar Scab
Ethnic Orgin Referring to a cultural group as race
Evaporation Give off moisture
Excretion Eliminating or expelling from the body such as waste or harmful material
Exocrine System System of glands which secrete hormones into a body cavity or directly outside the body
Expectorate To spit
Extension Straighten arm or leg
Extinguish To eliminate behavior
Fallopian Tubes Tiny tubes connecting the ovaries with the uterus
Fast Period of time without eating
Fat soluble Dissolves in fat rather than water
Feces Solid or semi solid body waste material resulting from a bowel movement
Flexion Bending a joint
Fluctuation Continual change from one condition or position to another
Follicle Tube holding hair root
Fortified Vitamins and minerals added
Gait Belt A belt placed around a patients waist to assist in transfer
Gastric Juice Digestive fluid secreted by the stomache
Gauze Thin mesh like cloth
Genetic Inherited
Geography A particular place on the earth
Glaucoma Increased pressure in eye
Glucose Simple sugar to which food is converted
Glycerine A fluid that allows the mouth to remain soft and moist
Goal Outcome expected for residents plan of care
Gravity Attraction the earth has to an object
Gregarious Outgoing, talkative
Hanukkah Jewish holiday
Heimlich Maneuver Application of abdominal thrusts to clear airway from obstruction
Hemiplegia Paralysis on one side of the body
Hemoglobin Red substance in blood
Heredity Traits with which we were born
Hoarding Act of gathering, saving a supply in a guarded or hidden place
Homeostasis Body's attempt to keep its internal environment stable and in balance
Hormones Fluid which starts a set of reaction within the body
Hypertention High blood pressure
Hypotention Low blood pressure
Imminent Likely to happen soon
Immobile Unable to move
Immune Protected against infected
Immune system System of the body which protects the invasion of certain diseases
Incontinence Inability to control bladder and or bowels
Indwelling catheter Catheter inserted into the bladder which connects to drainage tubing and urinary drainage bag
Infection Invasion of the body by disease producing organisms
Inflamed Red, swollen
Inflammation Tissue reaction to disease or injury displayed by redness, heat, swelling, and pain
Inhibiting Preventing, limiting
Initiate Start
Insulin Hormone secreted from pancreas
Integumentary System System which includes hair, nails, sweat glands, and oil glands.
Interaction Conversation, communication relating to others
Kidneys Two bean shaped organs which filter the blood
Kilogram Metric measurement of weight 1 kg = 1000 grams
Kosher Jewish dietary laws
Labia Folds of skin surrounding the female genital area
Larnyx Voice Box
Learned Helplessness Belief that one has no effect on what happens to him/her
Legal According to the laws of the community, state, or nation
Libel False, damaging written statement
Linear Following in order along a line
Long-Term Health Care Facility Facility providing nursing care serving as a hospital and residence home over a long period of time
Lubricate To oil or greese
Lungs Two spongy, cone shaped organs in the chest cavity
Lymph Nodes Small glands which filter body fluid
Lymph Vessels Structures which collect body fluid
Malpractice Failure to a professional person to render proper services through neglect or intent
Manipulative To manage or influence others behaivors
Masterbation Sexual self stimulation
Metabolism Process by which energy is made available for use by the body. Breakdown of food and oxygen in the cells
Microorganizims Tiny living object only seen with microscope
Mobility Being able to exercise movement
Motivate Give reason for doing something
Mucus Secretion from the mucus membrane
Multiple Sclerosis Chronic degenerative disease of the nervous system resulting in decreased ability to move
Myth A popular belief which may not be true
Nasogastric Tube Tube inserted through the nose into the stomach
Negligence Failure to preform ones duty through omission or carelessness
Nephritis Infection of the kidneys
Nephrons Microscopic filtering unit in kidneys
Neurons Specialized cells of the nervous system
Nueter Having no sexual characteristics
Nursing Approch Health care plan, guidelines and instructions that meet the individuals needs and nursing plan of care
Nursing Assistant Member of health care team who provides care to the resident, meeting his/her physical and psycho social needs
Nurturing Caring for others
Nutrients Substance which sustain life
Nutrition Science of foods and their actions upon health
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