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Top 215 generic-indication

aripiprazole schizophrenia; bipolar disorder
rabeprazole heartburn; GERD
risedronate osteoporosis
pioglitazone diabetes
nifedipine HTN; angina
isotretinoin severe acne
dextramphetamine/amphetamine ADHD
epinephrine anaphylaxis
fluticasone/salmeterol COPD
ibuprofen mild pain reliever
fexofenadine allergic rhinitis
spironolactone edema
ramipril HTN
glimepiride diabetes
zolpidem insomnia
amoxicillin ear/bladder infection
cefazolin infection after surgery
hyDRALAzine HTN; vasodilator
donepezil Alzheimer's disease
hydroxyzine chloride antihistamine; anti-anxiety
lorazepam depression; anxiety
ipratropium COPD
amoxicillin/potassium clavulanate sinusitis; pneumonia; otitis media
irbesartan HTN
moxifloxacin sinus infection; intra-abdominal infection; bronchitis
sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim ear infection; UTI; traveler's diarrhea
mupirocin skin infection
diphenhydramine sneezing; itching; rhinorrhea
olmesartan HTN
dicyclomine irritable bowel syndrome
clarithromycin H.pylori infection
ibandronate osteoporosis
buspirone anxiety
verapamil HTN; angina; arrhythmia
ergocalciferol vitamin D deficiency
captopril HTN
diltiazem HTN; angina; arrhythmia
doxazosin benign prostate hyperplasia
clonidine HTN; ADHD
celecoxib arthritis pain
cefuroxime UTI; sinus infection; gonorrhea
citalopram depression
varenicline smoking cessation
chlorpheniramine allergic rhinitis; urticaria
tadalafil erectile dysfunction
ciprofloxacin UTI; sinus infection; gonorrhea
loratadine allergic rhinitis; urticaria
docusate sodium stool softener
prochlorperazine nausea; vomiting
methylphenidate ADHD; narcolepsy
warfarin blood thinner
amiodarone arrhythmia
carvedilol HTN; CHF
losartan HTN
neomycin, polymyxin, hydrocortisone ear canal infection
rosuvastatin dyslipidemia
duloxetine depression; peripheral neuropathy; fibromyalgia
flurazepam insomnia
dexamethasone inflammation
prednisone inflammation
divalproex sodium seizure
trazodone depression
tolterodine overactive bladder; urinary incontinence
glyburide diabetes
fluconazole yeast infection
phenytoin seizure
hydromorphone severe pain reliever
valsartan HTN
valsartan/HCTZ HTN
bisacodyl constipation
ipratropium bromide COPD
triamterene 37.5/hydrochlorothiazide 25 HTN
venlafaxine depression
amitriptyline depression
permethrin head lice; scabies
raloxifene osteoporosis
acetaminophen; butalbital; caffeine tension headache
metronidazole bacterial vaginal infection
cyclobenzaprine muscle spasm
tamsulosin benign prostate hyperplasia
fluticasone allergic rhinitis
ceftazidime UTI; pneumonia
alendronate osteoporosis
metformin diabetes
glipizide diabetes
haloperidol schizophrenia
hydrochlorothiazide HTN; edema
terazosin benign prostate hyperplasia
hctz/losartan HTN
isosorbide mononitrate angina
sumatriptin migraine
loperamide diarrhea
propranolol HTN
isosorbide dinitrate angina
sitagliptin diabetes
20 mEq potassium chloride hypokalemia
cephalexin UTI; sore throat
cloazepam seizure
levetiracetam seizure
triamcinolone inflammation
lamotrigine seizure
digoxin CHF; atrial fibrillation
terbinafine athlete's foot; jock itch
furosemide HTN; edema
levofloxacin pneumonia; UTI
levothyroxine hypothyroidism
escitalopram depression
chlordiazepoxide alcohol withdrawal; anxiety
fluocinonide skin inflammation
lidocaine transdermal local anesthetic
atorvastatin dyslipidemia
diphenoxylate/atropine sulfate diarrhea
baclofen muscle spasm
metoprolol tartrate HTN; CHF; MI
gemfibrozil dyslipidemia
benazepril HTN
amlodipine/benazepril HTN
clotrimazole athlete's foot; jock itch
clotrimazole/betamethasone athlete's foot; jock itch
eszopicline insomnia
enoxaparin blood thinner
fluvoxamine maleate OCD
pregabalin seizure; pain
nitrofurantoin UTI
triamterene 75/hydrochlorothiazide 50 HTN
dexamethasone, neomycin, polymyxin, bacitracin occular inflammation/infection
methylprednisolone inflammation
10 mEq potassium chloride hypokalemia
hydrochlorothiazide edema; HTN
isomethaptene/dichloralphenazone/APAP migraine
prazosin benign prostate hyperplasia
meloxicam pain
morphine sulfate ER pain
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