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Top 215 trade-indication

Abilify schizophrenia; bipolar disorder
Aciphex heartburn; GERD
Actonel osteoporosis
Actos diabetes
Adalat; Procardia HTN; angina
Accutane severe acne
Adderall XR ADHD
Adrenalin anaphylaxis
Advair COPD
Advil; Motrin mild pain reliever
Allegra allergic rhinitis
Aldactone edema
Altace HTN
Amaryl diabetes
Ambien insomnia
Amoxil ear/bladder infection
Ancef infection after surgery
Apresoline HTN; vasodilator
Aricept Alzheimer's disease
Atarax antihistamine; anti-anxiety
Ativan depression; anxiety
Atrovent COPD
Augmentin sinusitis; pneumonia; otitis media
Avapro HTN
Avelox sinus infection; intra-abdominal infection; bronchitis
Bactrim; Septra ear infection; UTI; Traveler's diarrhea
Bactroban skin infection
Benadryl sneezing; itching; rhinorrhea
Benicar HTN
Bentyl irritable bowel syndrome
Biaxin H.pylori infection
Boniva osteoporosis
Buspar anxiety
Calan HTN; angina; arrhythmia
Calciferol Vitamin D deficiency
Capoten HTN
Cardizem; Cartia XT HTN; angina; arrhythmia
Cardura benign prostate hyperplasia
Catapres HTN; ADHD
Celebrex arthritis pain
Ceftin UTI; sinus infection; gonorrhea
Celexa depression
Chantix smoking cessation
Chlor-Trimeton allergic rhinitis
Cialis erectile dysfunction
Cipro UTI; sinus infection; gonorrhea
Claritin allergic rhinitis; urticaria
Colace stool softener
Compazine nausea/vomiting
Concerta ADHD; narcolepsy
Coumadin blood thinner
Cordarone arrhythmia
Coreg HTN; CHF
Cozaar HTN
Cortisporin ear canal infection
Crestor dyslipidemia
Cymbalta depression; peripheral neuropathy; fibromyalgia
Dalmane insomnia
Decadron inflammation
Deltasone; Liquid Prep; Meticorten; Orasone; Sterapred inflammation
Depakote seizure
Desyrel depression
Detrol LA overactive bladder/urinary incontinence
Diabeta; Micronase diabetes
Diflucan yeast infection
Dilantin seizure
Dilaudid severe pain reliever
Diovan HTN
Diovan HCT HTN
Dulcolax constipation
Duoneb COPD
Dyazide HTN
Effexor depression
Elavil depression
Elimite head lice; scabies
Evista osteoporosis
Fiorcet tension headache
Flagyl bacterial vaginal infection
Flexeril muscle spasm
Flomax benign prostate hyperplasia
Flonase allergic rhinitis
Fortaz UTI; pneumonia
Fosamax osteoporosis
Glucophage diabetes
Glucotrol diabetes
Haldol schizophrenia
Hydrodiuril HTN; edema
Hytrin benign prostate hyperplasia
Hyzaar HTN
Imdur angina
Imitrex migraine
Imodium diarrhea
Inderal HTN
Isordil; Dilatrate SR angina
Januvia diabetes
K-Dur hypokalemia
Keflex UTI; sore throat
Klonopin seizure
Keppra seizure
Kenalog inflammation
Lamictal seizure
Lanoxin CHF; atrial fibrillation
Lamisil athlete's foot; jock itch
Lasix HTN; edema
Levaquin pneumonia; UTI
Levothroid; Synthroid; Levoxyl hypothyroidism
Lexapro depression
Librium alcohol withdrawal; anxiety
Lidex skin inflammation
Lidoderm local anesthetic
Lipitor dyslipidemia
Lomotil diarrhea
Lioresal muscle spasm
Lopressor HTN; CHF; MI
Lopid dyslipidemia
Lotensin HTN
Lotrel HTN
Lotrimin athlete's foot; jock itch
Lotrisone athlete's foot; jock itch
Lunesta insomnia
Lovenox blood thinner
Luvox OCD
Lyrica seizure; pain
Macrobid UTI
Maxzide HTN
Maxitrol ocular inflammation/infection
Medrol inflammation
Micro K hypokalemia
Microzide edema; HTN
Midrin migraine
Minipress benign prostate hyperplasia
Mobic pain
MS Contin pain
Mycolog candidiasis
Namenda dementia; Alzheimer's disease
Naprosyn; Aleve pain
Nasonex allergic rhinitis
Nexium GERD; acid reflux
Neosporin skin infection
Niaspan dyslipidemia
Neurontin seizure; pain
Norco pain
Norvasc HTN
Oxycontin pain
Paxil depression
Pepcid GERD; acid reflux
Percocet pain
Percodan pain
Phenergan allergic rhinitis; cough
Plavix stroke/MI prophylaxis
Pravachol dyslipidemia
Premarin menopausal symptoms (hot flashes/vaginal dryness)
Prevacid GERD; acid reflux
Prilosec GERD; acid reflux
Prinvil; Zestril HTN
Prinzide HTN
ProAir HFA; Ventolin; Proventil acute asthma
Protonix GERD; acid reflux
Provera mennorhagia inducer
Prozac depression
Pyridium UTI/burning urinary pain
Reglan nausea/vomiting; GERD
Remeron depression
Restoril insomnia
Risperdal schizophrenia; bipolar disorder
Ritalin ADHD; narcolepsy
Rocephin gonorrhea; UTI; Lyme disease
Serax alcohol withdrawal; anxiety
Seroquel schizophrenia; bipolar disorder
Singulair asthma; allergic rhinitis
Soma muscle spasm
Somnote insomnia
Spiriva COPD
Suboxone opioid dependence
Strattera ADHD
Subutex opioid dependence
Tegretol seizure
Tenormin HTN
Topamax seizure
Toprol XL MI; CHF; HTN
Tessalon cough
Toradol pain
Tricor dyslipidemia
Trileptal seizure
Tylenol pain; fever
Tussionex cough
Tylenol#3 pain
Ultram pain
Ultracet pain
Valium anxiety; muscle relaxant
Valtrex herpes
Vasotec HTN
Versed anxiety/agitation
Versed erectile dysfunction
Vibramycin chlamydia; skin infection; acne
Vicodin ES pain
Vicodin Plain pain
Vistaril anxiety; allergic skin reaction
Voltaren pain
Vytorin dyslipidemia
Wellbutrin depression; smoking cessation
Xalatan glaucoma
Xanax anxiety; depression
Xenical obesity
Xylocaine; Lidoderm pain
Yaz birth control
Zantac GERD; acid reflux
Zetia dyslipidemia
Zithromax; Zpak pneumonia
Zocor dyslipidemia
Zoloft anxiety; depression
Zovirax herpes
Zyloprim gout
Zyprexa schizophrenia
Zyrtec allergic rhinitis
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