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Rad Protection rev

radiation protection

What is the annual effective dose for natural background radiation 295 mrem
What is K-Shell binding energy 69.5
traditional unit for absorbed dose RAD
SI unit for absorbed dose Gray
Traditional unit for dose equivalent REM
SI unit for dose equivalent Seivert
RAD x Quality factor = REM
Gy x Quality factor = Sv
occupational dose limit, lens of eye 15 rem
occupational dose limit, skin 50 rem
occupational dose limit, hands 50 rem
occupational dose limit, feet 50 rem
occupational dose limit, whole body 5 rem
public annual exposure limit, frequent .1 rem
public annual exposure limit, infrequent .5 rem
public dose eyes 1.5 rem
public dose hands/skin/feet 5 rem
embryo dose per month .05 rem
embryo dose during gestation .5 rem
Dose for Hematologic Depression 25 rads
Instant cell death 1000 gy
3 ARS syndromes Hematopoetic, Gastrointestinal, CNS
GSD for US population 20 mrem
4 subphases of mitosis prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase
4 stages of ARS Prodomal, latent, manifest, recovery or death
Wf: xrays, gamma rays or beta particles 1
Wf: alpha particles 20
Wf: fast neutrons 20
Wf: thermal neutrons 5
Wf: low energy internal protons 2
xrays & gamma rays are high or low LET Low LET
alpha particles, are high or low LET High LET
HVL 70 kvp 1.5
HVL 80 kvp 2.3
HVL 90 kvp 2.5
70+ kvp = _____ mm Al equiv 2.5
50-70 kvp = _____ mm Al equiv 1.5
sensitivity of film badge, eval how often 10 mrem - 500 rem, monthly
sensitivity of OSL, eval how often 1 mrem - 1000 rem, 3 months
sensitivity of thermoluminescent dosimeter, eval how often 5 mrem, 3 months
sensitivity of pocket dosimenter 0-200 mR
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