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Food Dispersing

Food Dispersing Medicinals

What is the treatment principle in food stagnation? Reduce or dissolve and guide out
What is the Latin for Shan Zha? Fructus Crataegi
What is the Latin for Lai Fu Zi? Semen Raphani Sativi
What is the Latin for Mai Ya? Fructus Hordei Germinatus
What is the Latin for Shen Qu? Massa Medicata Fermentata
What type of food accumulation is Shan Zha best suited for? Meat and fats
What type of food accumulation is Shen Qu best suited for? Any food stagnation
What type of food accumulation are Mai Ya and Gu Ya best suited for? Starchy foods
Because Shan Zha has the function to quicken the blood and removes stasis, what is it's modern application? Hypertension
Shen Qu is an effective and gentle herb (combination) that is useful in any food stagnation. What makes it unique is its ability to aid the body in digestion and absorption of what? Minerals
Because Shen Qu contains binders, with what condition should you avoid it's use? Celiac Disease
What might a weaning mother be looking to use Mai Ya for? Terminate lactation (increase dosage for this use)
Which herb in the food dispersing category courses the liver and resolves depression? Mai Ya
While Gu Ya and Mai Ya are very similar in their function and often used together, which of the two is more moderate, harmonizing, and nourishing to the stomach? Gu Ya
Which herb harmonizes the center, disperses food and is often added as an envoy or assistant to a harsh formula to make it more digestible? Gu Ya
This herb is very moving and dispersing to treat distention, fullness and pain of food stagnation, "if its not stuck, don't use it." Lai Fu Zi
Do not use this herb with Ginseng. Lai Fu Zi
Which herb disperses food, and eliminates distention, and is less commonly used to down bear qi and transform phlegm for cough and panting? Lai Fu Zi
Which herb disperses food stagnation and indigestion and is helpful in treating Gan Syndrome, as well as for infants that have difficulty digesting milk? Ji Nei Jin
Which herb can disperse food, and is also excellent to dissolve any kind of stone? Ji Nei Jin
Which herb can disperse food, and is also used to secure the essence for seminal emission as well as bed wetting? Ji Nei Jin
Created by: ElisaDanger