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Aromatic Dampness

Aromatic Dampness Transforming

What is the Latin for Cang Zhu? Rhizoma Atractylodis
Your patient has sever dampness in their middle jiao which is presenting with slimy tongue fur, nausea and diarrhea. What is a good chief herb to powerfully dry dampness? Cang Zhu
What is the direction of Cang Zhu? Upward
What is the direction of Huo Po? Downward
What is the distinctive feature when identifying Cang Zhu? It has little speckles (and its aroma)
Which aromatic herb can be used for constipation and panting, in addition to moving qi and drying middle jiao damp? Huo Po
Huo Po Hua focuses it's function on which part of the body? Upper jiao and chest
What is the Latin for Huo Po? Cortex Magnoliae Officinalis
Which herb is commonly known as Patchouli? Huo Xiang, Herba Pogostemi Seu Agastaches
Female patient comes to your office in August, she is in need of immediate relief, just today she began vomiting with diarrhea and she is running a fever. What might be a good herb to help relive her symptoms? Huo Xiang
Which herb transforms dampness, especially for glomus and also stops vomiting? Huo Xiang
This herb stands in mutual need with, and is similar to Huo Xiang... Pei Lan
Patient presents as obese and diabetic, they appear to have long standing dampness in their middle jiao, although today they are complaining of the impact this summer heat has had on them. What herb would you include in their formula? Pei Lan
What is the Latin for Sha Ren? Fructus Amomi
Which very moving herb can help prevent cloying herbs from causing stagnation? Sha Ren
This qi moving herb can warm the center and check vomiting and diarrhea. It is useful to quiet the fetus when it is stirring because of qi stagnation. Sha Ren
Which white aromatic herb is good to transform damp heat in the middle jiao and check vomiting? Bai Dou Kou
This brainy looking herb warms the center when vomiting or diarrhea are due to cold damp. Cao Dou Kou
Which aromatic herb interrupts malaria, disperses food accumulation and warms the center? Cao Guo
Aromatic dampness transforming medicinals use fragrance to revive the __________. Spleen
What is the only excess pattern of the Spleen? Dampness encumbering the Spleen
Symptoms caused by damp turbidity in the center can overlap with what other pattern? Spleen Qi Vacuity
What aspect of your patient's lifestyle must be evaluated for potential change if they want to remain symptom free? Diet
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