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PFT 02

Diffusion Capacity

definition of Diffusion the process by which oxygen and CO2 transfer across the AC membrane
properties gas must have to measure diffusing capacity -capable of diffusing across AC membrane - capable of being transported by hemoglobin - only o2 and CO could possible be considered - O2 can't be used because it varies as blood flows past alveolus
Diffintion of end tidal sampling sampling of exhaled air late in the subject's expiration.
Contraindications mental confusion, lack of muscle coordination, large meal before test, exercise, smoking, communicable disease
Things that will influence test heavy meals, smoking, body position, hemoglobin level, exercise, bronchodilator
What do most equipment use for gas mixture .3% CO, 10% Helium, balance air
Our equipment use for gas mixture .3% CO, 3 % CH4, (methane), 21% O2, Balance N2
How is carbon monoxide diffusion test recorded as mlCO/min/mmhg STPD
Factors that influence DLCO age (lowers), height (lowers with shortness), gender (lower in woman), ethnicity (lower in African americans by about .96 ml), Hb (lower Hb=lower DLCO)
equipment needed for testing inspired gas source, 5 way breathing valve, end tidal gas sampling (analyzer), monitoriing system to record inspired and expired volume
Procedure Turn on all gas tanks, anaylyzer and computers. It takes 30 min for gas pump to warm up., calibrate with spirometer, pt breaths normally, pt exhale completely (raise finger when done), pt inhale completely and hold breath until complete (11 seconds)
How much of exhaled volume is discarded 1000 ml (at east 750 ml)
Results are reported at STPD
How many tests do you perform at least 2 but no more than 5
How many times do you calibrate daily or 2 x a day
What does silica gel do absorbs moisture
Normal predicted 80-120%
Indications for DLCO asthma vs emphysema, follow up of emphysema, disability, effects of chemo or other drugs
Hemoglobin binds 210 x faster
What is mormal diffusion 25ml/min/mmhg STPD
What can cause decrease DLCO O2 toxicity, emphysema
What can cause increase DLCO polycythemia, LEft heart failure, high altitudes, excercise
Created by: TnJFarrington12