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Drug List Pharm Tech

List of drugs to memorize for pharmacy tech state test

Trade NameGeneric NameIndication
Risperdal risperidone psychosis
Ativan lorazepam anxiety, sedation
Prozac fluoxetine depression
Topamax topiramate seizures
Abilify aripiprazole psychosis
Elavil amitriptyline depression
Buspar buspirone anxiety
Atarax hydroxyzine anxiety, itching
Zoloft sertraline depression
Accupril quinapril hypertension
Avalide irbesartan/hydrochlorothiazide/(HCTZ) hypertension, edema
Calan verapamil hypertension,angina
Zestril lisinopril hypertension
Lipitor atorvastatin high cholesterol
Lopid gemfibrozil high cholesterol
Pravochol pravastatin high cholesterol
Tenoretic atenolol hypertension
Coreg carvedilol hypertension
Mevacor lovastatin high cholesterol
Temodar temozolamide cancer
Tarceva erlotinib cancer
Zinacef cefuroxime infection
Bactroban mupirocin infection
Bactrim (SMZ/TMP) trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole infection
Floxin ofloxacin infection
Keflex cephalexin infection
Zyrtec cetirizine allergies
Claritin loratadine allergies
Allegra fexofenadine allergies
Astelin azelastine allergies
Clarinex desloratadine allergies
Nexium esomeprazole GERD
Pepcid famotidine GERD
Prevacid lansoprazole ulcers, GERD
Prilosec omeprazole ulcers, GERD
Aciphex rabeprazole GERD
Protonix pantoprazole GERD
Motrin ibuprofen pain, inflammation
Solu-Medrol methylprednisone inflammation(steroid)
Naprosyn naproxen pain, inflammation
Accutane isotretinoin severe acne
Vicodin hydrocodone/APAP Moderate to Severe Pain (CIII)
Ultram tramadol Moderate to Severe Pain
Tylenol with Codeina APAP/Codeine Moderate to Severe Pain (CIII)
Strattera atomoxetine ADHD
Percocet oxycodone/APAP Moderate to Severe Pain (CII)
Oxycontin oxycodone/APAP Moderate to Severe Pain (CII)
Duragesic fentanyl citrate Narcotic analgesia and Sedation (CII)
Percodan oxycodone/ASA Moderate to Severe Pain (CII)
Concerta methylphenidate ADD (CII)
Adderall amphetamine ADD/ADHD (CII)
Avapro irbesartan Hypertension
Benicar olmesartan medoxomil/HCTZ Hypertension/Edema
Capoten captopril Hypertension
Cardura doxazosin Hypertension
Catapres clonidine Hypertension
Crestor rosuvastatin High Cholesterol
Lescol fluvastatin High Cholesterol
Niaspan niacin High Cholesterol
Zocor simvastatin High Cholesterol
Tricor fenofibrate High Cholesterol
Anaspaz hyoscyamine Peptic Ulcers, Spasms
Bentyl dicyclomine Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Cefzil cefprozil Infection
Cleocin clindamycin Infection
Colcrys colchicine Gout
Coumadin warfarin Blood Clots
Diflucan fluconazole Antifungal
Dilantin phenytoin Convulsions
Dynacin minocycline Infection
Flagyl metronidazole Infection
Fosamaz alendronate osteoporosis
Golytely polyethylene glycol electrolyte solution Constipation, Bowel Cleansing
Hytrin terazosin Hypertension
Hyzaar losartan/HCTZ Hypertension, Edema
Klonopin clonazepam Convulsions
Klor-Con potassium chloride Potassium Replacement
Lotensin benazepril Hypertension
Lotrel amlodipine/benazepril Hypertension
Monopril fosinopril Hypertension
Neurontin gabapentin Convulsion
Zyloprim allopurinol Gout
Trileptal oxcarbazepine Convulsion
Vytorin ezetimibe/simvastatin High Cholesterol
Valium diazepam anxiety,sedation
Created by: JPZepeda



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