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DDST-Pri. of Superv

DDST- Principles of Supervision (second edition)

Which of the following interval reinforcement schedules has the highest rate of performance and the lowest rate of extinction? Variable ratio
The degree of which people accept inequality is called: Power distance
Which definition is correct for outsourcing? Using another country's labor resources.
Which of the following external environmental factors would be concerned with a new federal statute for lessening the organizational carbon footprint? Political/Legal
Conflict management technique used when issue is not worth addressing. II. Avoiding
Conflict management technique used when assertiveness is used to get one's way. I. Competing
Conflict management technique used when someone knows they are wrong or the issue is not as important to them as someone else. IV. Accommodating
Conflict management technique used when both parties want to win through negotiation. V. Collaborating
Conflict management technique used when both parties have equal power III. Compromising
Which of the following is a characteristic of a bureaucratic organization? There is a clear chain of command.
Which of the following is NOT an example of the microenvironment of an organization? A new statute passed by legislation.
Which of the following skill sets is most important to the top-level of management? Conceptual
What is the continuous investment in a poor decision called? Escalating commitment
In a market economy resources are controlled by Private sector
Which of the following is the removal of something unpleasant when a desired behavior is exhibited? Negative reinforcement
Which of the following is not one of the four basic functions of management? Evaluating
The two components to this theory are that either people are very lazy, or they have the ability to self-direct and are creative. II. Theory X and Theory Y.
The two components to this theory are issues that eliminate job dissatisfaction and do not motivate(hygiene)and issues that cause job satisfaction and motivate(motivators). III. Two-Factor Theory.
Focuses on three needs (existence, relatedness, and growth). I. ERG Theory.
Focuses on three needs (affiliation, power, and achievement). V. Acquired Needs Theory.
Examines how people will strive for perceived fairness by changing inputs, outcomes, distort perception, or leave a job. IV. Equity Theory.
Which three major factors help determine the proper structure for an organization? Strategy, environment, technology
Which method of dealing with the conflict is used when people realize the issue is too trivial to address? Avoiding
Which of the following is true of a learning organization? Empowers employees to take risks and use creativity.
Who would Adam be in the organization? Hero
Mr. Minor's mention of the monthly celebration for employee's birthdays is an example of? Organizational ceremonies
What is an example of James comments: "like we say, any call may be THE call to make THE sale!"? Company slogan
When James discussed the founder of the company, what was he conveying? A story
The ethical guidelines the Mr. Minor gave Sally to review was an example of? Formal communication
The identification of internal and external positive and negative factors of an opportunity or situation is called a SWOT analysis
The determination of future events through knowledge opinions is called. Qualitative forecasting
Determining the difference between the current standings and desired expectations is called a Gap analysis
The prediction of events that may cause disruption in goal-reaching is called the Critical Path Method (CPM)
The listing of tasks determine the total time for a project in a visual format is called the Gantt Chart
Which of the following is NOT true for a first-level manager? They are most interested in long-term and big picture factors in the organization.
Act that prohibited "yellow dog" contracts (discontinuing union membership to acquire federal business). Norris-LaGuardia Act
Act that determined "exempt" and "non-exempt" employees. Fair Labor Standards Act
Act that allowed state labor relations to rule on cases that the National Labor Relations Board would not consider. Landrum-Griffin Act
Pro-business act that banned union closed-shop practices. Taft-Harley Act
Act that guarantees the right to form a union. Wagner Act
The decision is moral if, in the long-run it benefits the decision-maker.(Known for supporting honesty). Individualism approach
If the decision will cause the greatest good for the most amounts of people, then it is moral. Utilitarian approach
If the decision is based on existing norms, then it is moral. Integrative social contracts approach
If the decision lacks any partiality, then it is moral. Justice approach
If the decision does not violate the basic rights of the individual, then it is moral. Moral-rights approach
Which of the following characterizes the planning approach of managing by objectives? Managers and employees define goals for all departments and monitor achievement.
In a group setting the person that devotes their personal time and energy in the facilitation of a task is called the Task Specialist
Which of the following corporate level strategies identifies the cash cows, dogs, question marks, and stars? BCG Matrix
What type of management is under the assumption that the success or failure of an organization is up to management? Omnipotent view
Which of the following job characteristics identify the degree which employee performs a job from beginning to ending? Task identity
Which of the following is a question you CAN ask at an interview? Are you a United States citizen?
What term describes the tendency for people to apply themselves less in groups? Social loafing
Which of the following skills are most important to the top-level of management? Conceptual
What decision style relies on significant data with each alternative carefully considered? Analytical
Stage of team development that occurs in temporary teams that is associated with pride. V. Adjourning
Team development stage characterized by conflict. I. Storming
Team development stage characterized by strong focus on the task at hand. IV. Performing
Team development stage associated with introduction. III. Forming
Team development stage associated with conflict resolution and harmony. II. Norming
Which of the following is based on a "good enough" approach? Satisficing
The power that is based on a person's specialized skill and knowledge. IV. Expert
The power that is based on the organizational structure and the manager's authority to punish. III. Coercive
The power that is built in to the structure of the organization based on position. I. Legitimate
The power that is based on the organizational structure and the manager's authority to give incentives. II. Reward
The personal power some has when others want to emulate them. V. Referent
Which budget considers the non-liquid assets? Capitol
Which method of conflict management consists of a third-party engaging in the issue to reach an agreement? Mediation
In the Path-Goal theory which of the leadership behaviors identified represents the leader who expects the most? Achievement oriented
A top level manager that is assigned to find and acquire more business is an IV. Entrepreneur
A person that represents the company at a press conference would be acting in the role of III. Spokesperson
The visionary and decision-maker that empower the employees is the I. Leader
The main person in charge of mergers and acquisitions would be II. Negotiator
The person responsible for facilitating the ceremonial duties of an organization is the V. Figurehead
Difference between where an organization is and where they want to be is called a Performance gap
The idea that each person has to report to one person is the Unity of command
What is skunkworks? A usually secret team that focuses on innovation.
According to Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs what need is at the top of the pyramid? Self Actualization
What is "transfer payments" in economic policy? Redistribution of wealth to lower income (e.g. welfare)
What are the five personality factors in the Big Five model? Extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, openness to experience.
Who is someone that works and lives in a country different than his/her own? Expatriate
What is the application of something unpleasant for an undesired behavior? Punishment
What is Machiavellianism? Doing whatever is necessary to get to the top.
When an employee talks about unethical or illegal practices of their organization it is called Whistle-blowing
Which of the following is NOT a focus for Total Quality Management: Employee satisfaction
Which type of planning is reserved for the highest level of management and covers time period of longer than five years? Strategic planning
Which of the following defines when there is a clear goal but the outcome of the decision is not fully known? Risk
Which of the following does NOT characterize contingency plans? There are four steps; goals, action plans, progress review, and performance.
Which of the following is NOT one of the ways that managers can help coworkers communicate through conflict? All of the above are methods that managers can use to facilitate conflict communication.
Which of the following theories involves physiological, safety, belonging, self-esteem, and self actualization? Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.
Which of the following is NOT true about goals? The time period should be flexible.
Which of the following is true of someone with an external focus of control? They typically make less ethical decisions than someone with an internal locus of control. And, believes luck and chance are the cause for success and failure.
Created by: sandssilverback
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