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Cc management S.G.

A study guide for Cc management training

Your restaurant has 15 trays of medium round dough on hand. Your build to for the day is 38 trays. How many trays should you prep? 23 trays
what is the correct order of steps for making a batch of round dough? 1. measure 16 pounds of 80 degree water and add to mixing bowl. 2. Add in dough mix additive and whisk for 30 seconds. 3. add 1 bag of flour. 4. add 14 ounces of oil. 5. mix for 9.5 minutes.
True or False: for round dough; add water and dough additive into the mixing bowl then stir mixture with a whisk for 30 seconds to dissolve ingredients. True
What is the correct yields for each round dough batch; medium, large, 7 oz? medium; 3 trays and 12 dough balls Large; 4 trays 1 dough ball 7 oz; 7 trays 4 dough balls
What is the proof time for round dough? 7 hours
The self life of round dough from the time prepped is what? 48 hours
What is the correct weight for the following dough ball sizes; medium, large, (ole, Italiano)? medium; 14 ounces large; 17 ounces ole, Italiano; 7 ounces
What is the correct amount of dough balls per pan for the following sizes; 7 oz dough balls, medium dough balls, large dough balls? 7 oz; 15 medium; 14 large; 11
True or False; When prepping garlic knots your should use a medium 14 ounce dough ball True
a properly calibrated thermometer should read what degrees when placed in ice water? 32 deg F
The proper amount of yeast, salt, and sugar for prepping deep dish is what? 4 ounces of yeast/ 4 ounces of sat/ 8 ounces of sugar
What are the steps for mixing a batch of deep dish in the proper order? 1. measure yeast,salt and sugar 2.wipe the inside of the mixing bowl 3.add 16 lbs. of 95 deg. water 4.add yeast,salt and sugar mixture 5.wisk for 30 seconds/untill fully blended 6.add 16 oz of oil 7.add 30 lbs of flour 8.mix on speed 1 for
a large deep dish weighs? 18 ounces
label deep dish products with; day/time am or pm/ initials
what size food grade brush should be used for oiling and buttering pans? 3''
how high should you allow wrapped deep dish dough to proof in the pan before storing in the walk-in? 1/2 way up the pan
how high should you let deep dish dough rise/proof in a bus tub? 2 to 3 inches from its starting point
True or False; per the OMC checklist deep dish pans must be washed, scrapped and ran through the oven nightly True
how much butter flavored topping goes into a large cinnamon roll pan? 3 ounces
True or false; cut a cinnamon roll 20 times and place the rolls 4 x 5 in the pan False, cut 19 times
what is the correct weight of dough used for large cinnamon rolls? 18 ounces
what is the correct weight of dough used for medium deep dish? 10.5 ounces
true or false; the time standard for completing 1 batch of deep dish is 50 minutes False, 45 min
what is the shelf life of deep dish once prepped? 40 hours
to ensure your restrooms are kept sparkling clean and stocked you must inspect them every; 15 minutes
true or false; always clean unoccupied dirty tables within 5 minutes after the guest leave. false, within 2 minutes
the maximum number of dirty tables that you should have at one time are 2 tables
a properly setup table cleaning cart must include what 4 items? damp towel/ spray bottle of power foam/ empty container for silverware/ 2 black bus tubs
to clean the tops of cheese and pepper shakers you should use? a clean napkin
what are the 3 chemicals needed for the dish machine? red detergent, yellow sanitizer, blue rinse additive
true or false; the sanitizer for the dish machine should be set at 50 to 100 ppm(parts per million). true
the dish machine has how many catch screens 2
true or false; presoak all forks, knives and spoons before washing to loosen stuck on food particles. true
when cleaning a table the first thing that should be removed are the? beverage cups
Place utensils in what when cleaning unoccupied dirty tables? container designated for silverware
True or false; it is permissible to use window cleaner on the tables? False
True or false; the temperature of water in the dish machine should be no less than 135deg F? False
True or false; clean chairs, booths and high chairs using power foam and a clean damp towel after a table has been cleaned off. True
True or false; when cleaning the back of the house floors you should add 2 ounces of power foam for each gallon of water. False, 1 oz of power foam
why should trash not be taken out after dark? to protect the guest and team members from potential robberies
dining room floors must be swept throughout the shift
before taking the table cleaning cart out to the dining room the cart must be sparkling clean, set up properly, and must be in proper working condition
if the floors in the BOH are wet then they must be? squeegeed
what are the primary functions when working the service assistant position? provide a full service feel to the restaurant, take every opportunity to wow the guests while in the dining room, keep the dining room spotless
True or false; power foam should not be diluted? false
what is the proper setup for the three compartment sink? 1st compartment; detergent. 2nd compartment; rinse. 3rd compartment; sanitizer
True or false; cleaning buckets should be made with warm water, 1 oz of power foam and 1 oz of bleach. false, no power foam
true or false; the temperature of the water in the 1st compartment of the 3 compartment sink should be 110deg F. true
true or false; the service assistant should NOT assist in periodically wiping down the beverage counter. false, they should
true or false; there will be tracks left in the pasta sauce when stirred to proper consistency true
what is the marinating time for ole, pasta and pizza sauce? 1 hour
the shelf life of ole, pasta, and pizza sauce is? 48 hours
what is the proper recipe for making red pasta sauce? 1 bag sauce/ 3 pounds cold tap water/ whisk for 60 seconds
true or false; the shelf life of frozen spinach received is 14 days? true
true or false; when prepping spinach Alfredo, mix 1 bag of Alfredo sauce to 1 box of thawed, drained spinach and mix with rubber spatula true
true or false; to drain spinach properly, empty one box of spinach in a colander and press lightly to drain the excess water for 5 minutes true
the self life of alfredo sauce received/ open is? 14 days/ 48 hours
true or false; you should refer to the prep to build chart a minimum of 1 times per day false, continuously check
all sauces should be labeled with the products what? name, day, time am or pm, and initials
to prep garlic butter sauce you will need to combine 4 pounds of butter per garlic seasoning packet
true or false; mix 1 bag of ole sauce with 10 ounces of cold tap water, then mix for 30 seconds. false, 60 seconds
true or false; stage pizza sauce in plastic half pans for the efficiency at the make table true
the time standard for prepping one batch of pizza or pasta sauce is 5 min
true or false; when prepping mac and cheese sauce use water that is 100deg F false, 95 deg F
what is the purpose of using the prep build chart? to calculate what needs to be prepped according to the projected sales, minimize waste and maximize profits, and to avoid running out of product
the time standard for prepping ole and mac and cheese sauce is? 2 min
the shelf life of Italiano sauce received/ open is? 14 day/ 48 hours
what is the proper recipe for a batch of pizza sauce? 2 bags sauce/ 8 pounds cold tap water/ whisk for 60 seconds
the shelf life of zesty sauce opened is 48 hours
how much water does the recipe state to use per bag of mac and cheese sauce 32 oz
what is the shelf life of mac and cheese sauce once prepped? 48 hours
the shelf life of butter flavored topping received/open is 30 days/ 7 days
all sauces should be mixed for how many seconds 60 seconds
when steeping tea you should use 3 gallons of water and how many bags 4 bags
what is the correct mixer speed setting for mixing dough? speed 1 for 9.5 min
the proper cut for green peppers and onions should be? 1/8" cut and 2-3" in length
true or false; sliced mushrooms should be a 3/8" cut false, 1/8" cut
whole vegetables should be rinsed under running water for how many seconds before preparation 60 seconds
what must be stored in the coldest part of the walk-in? meats
all products should be rotated how? first in first out FIFO
how should canned products be stored once opened? in plastic or stainless steel containers
true or false; the water used for cooking pasta noodles gets 3 ounces of oil per bag false, 3 0z of oil per bag mixed pasta in bus tub
when cooking pasta you should add how many ounces of salt to the boiling water? 2 oz
true or false; brownies must be cooked immediately after mixing and spreading in the pan true
true or false; it is permissible to mix more than one bag of brownies per batch false, one at a time
cherry tomatoes should be no larger than 1 1/2" diameter
the shelf life of mozzarella/ cheddar cheese once grated is 48 hours
true or false; when grating cheese use a black bus tub false, use a blue one
when grating cheese fill the bus tub 3/4 full
true or false; mozzarella cheese should have 1 to 3 inch strands once grated true
true or false; cheddar chees should have 1 to 2 in strands once grated true
grate cheese with what inch grating blade 3/16"
true or false; cheese should be grated on speed 1 to prevent the cheese from coming out too thin or too thick true
how much water and oil does each batch of brownies receive 8 oz of water/ 4 oz of oil
true or false; after cooling brownies for 2 hours they should be wrapped with plastic to keep them moist true
the shelf life of cooked brownies is 48 hours
true or false; the time standard for prepping brownies is 3 minutes true
true or false; stir pasta every 3 minutes while cooking to insure the pasta cooks evenly false, stir every 2 min
once the pasta timer goes off the pasta should what? should be removed immediately and placed in an ice bath
prepped pasta noodles have a shelf life of; 36 hours
remove dough from the walk in and set at room temperature for at least how many minutes before stretching 10 min
the temperature of the dough press must be what degrees before pressing 150 deg
true or false; wipe the top of the dough ball on the ben pan to pick up oil for lubrication when pressing and place the top side of the dough facing down on the bottom platen true
using the dough press, press the dough for how many seconds 5 to 6 seconds
dock round dough how many times for large and how many times for a medium 4 for large, 3 for medium
the shelf life of dough once stretched is 30 min
for round pizzas you should spread sauce and cheese to 1" from the edge
true or false; a special request red sauce pizza with extra cheese gets a heaping stainless steel cup of cheese false, + orange cup
true or false; it is permissible to use power foam to clean the platens of the dough press false, it eats the finish of the platens
true or false; there should be no red spots of sauce larger than a 1/4" showing through cheese on round pizzas true
what is the correct amount of cheese that should be used for a buffet cheese pizza level silver cup + level orange cup
oil the top and bottom platens of the dough press and turn on by 10:15 am per the opening checklist
what is the maximum amount of time that dough should sit out of refrigeration 45 min
for medium ole and italiano pizzas you should use a 7 oz dough ball
a guest requests a medium thin crust pizza. what size dough ball should be used 7 oz or Tc crust
true or false; unless requested by a guest an italiano pizza should not be made with pizza sauce true
if dough is over docked the product will come out thinner than normal
true or false; extra cheese counts as a topping when building pizzas false
true or false; for a medium carry out specialty pizza you should apply one additional level orange cup of cheese false, add only for buffet pizzas
when stretching cold dough straight out of the walk in you should press it in the dough press for how many seconds 10-15 seconds
what kind of spoodle is used for the ole sauce 3 oz perforated
what size spoodle should be used to measure red sauce pizzas 4 oz
what size spoodle is placed in the spinach alfredo sauce in the make table 3 oz
a buffet red sauce pizza with toppings should receive what portioning of cheese 1 hp of silver cup
what is our most expensive product? cheese
what tool should be used to assist in determining the correct portion cup for each topping at the make table the make table schematic
special request pizza should be delivered to the guest's table within 10 min
to help the cutter identify a special request pizza the cook must do what place black olive on crust
placing too many toppings in middle of a pizza and not bringing toppings to the edge of the sauce and cheese is called what center loading
true or false; extra sauce or cheese does not count as a topping when building pizzas true
true or false; when building a "LcP1/2J" you should NOT build each half as its own pizza because 1-2 toppings amounts do not change true
in order to provide your guests with the variety that appeals to them you must track special requests and waste
pepperoni pizza should be slotted on what position on the buffet first pizza slot on the buffet
how should portion cups be used cups should be filled by placing toppings into cup
garlic bread should be placed where in the oven when cooking front flush
what is the maximum amount of time that pizzas can be on the rack 30 min
true or false; when using 3 ovens a carry out pizza should be cooked on the top oven false, bottom
which chart would you use to top the following pizza, McSBJO topping chart
deep dish products should sit out refrigeration for at least how many minutes before cooking but no long than how many minutes 10 / 45 min
when making a mac and cheese pizza which portion cup should be use to measure out noodles tan cup
how much crumb topping should a bavarian dessert pizza get a level 2 oz spoodle
true or false; front flush means that the front of the product is flush with the entrance of the oven true
excluding cinnamon rolls, all products should be placed 1 inch from the sides of the oven and 1 inch apart from other items in the oven
true or false; an italiano pizza and garlic bread go front flush with the oven entry false, italianos go back flush
the order of application of a red sauce deep dish pizza is sauce, cheese, topping, parm-oregano
what should be placed over a cinnamon roll pan before cooking large screen
true or false; for cinnamon rolls, allow a 2 inch gap from the sides of the oven and 2 inches away from other products to allow air to flow freely and cook products consistently true
true or false; pepperoni pizzas do not have to be slotted on the first spot on the buffet false, they do
if the alfredo sauce has separated or has lumps you should do what knead the bag by hand
true or false; when creating your own customized rotation chart you should go off of your gut feeling false, follow given rotation chart
true or false; cinnamon rolls should be placed in the oven back flush with the entrance of the oven true
true or false; oven placement of pasta and soup is back flush false, they go front flush
half line refers to what when a pizza is half way in the oven another is placed on the conveyor continuously
true or false; guest checks should be kept in order from left to right true
what is the target time and temperature for the ovens 4:45 and 475 degrees
which topping goes on a pizza first onion, sausage, jalapeno, ham ham, flat toppings first
select the chart that you should use to make a large deep dish pizza topping chart
true or false; when cooking a deep dish pizza; on its 1st pass through the oven, place it back flush with the oven entrance true
true or false; when cooking a deep dish pizza; on its 2nd pass through the oven, place it back flush with the entrance of the oven false, front flush
true or false; round deserts are to be placed front flush at the oven entry for a perfect product false, back flush
true or false; when cinnamon rolls are cooked front flush, they will cook to a perfect fluffy texture false back flush
what is the shelf life of pineapple once opened 3 days
over producing pizzas at the cook station causes what a loss of quality, higher food cost due to waste, ineffective use of team member labor
how can the manager eliminate over production and improve quality at the buffet always follow the production chart
true or false carry out pizza should be ready for the guest within 10 minutes, except during times of high volume false 7 min
you should use a 2 ounce spoodle for which of the following sauces spinach alfredo sauce, zesty and alfredo sauce, mac and cheese and buffalo sauce, and italiano sauce zesty and alfredo sauce
true or false; the shelf life of all pizzas once cooked begins when it exits the oven true
at the edge of the pizza crust opposite of you, picot the pizza cutter a 1/8 inch turn to break the slices apart
why must you apply butter flavored topping on the dessert cutters to prevent the dessert topping from sticking to the cutter
how may rows of icing do round dessert pizzas receive 10 rows
what do you use to remove the apple/ bavarian dessert pizza from the oven a giant pan used for cinnamon rolls
how many rows of icing does a large cinnamon roll receive and on what kind of pan should it be served 20 rows of icing and on a clean dessert pan
true or false; for cinnamon rolls, you should flip the pan onto a giant pan and then add cinnamon sugar true
true or false; a large garlic bread should be cut 13 x 1 on a large wooden serving board false 12 x 1
true or false; if there is a large bubble on a pizza, you should cut it out and discard the slice(s) with the bubble true
why should the cutter wipe their hands on a clean dry towel before handling carry out boxes to avoid getting the boxes dirty
when cutting a large carry out pepperoni pizza you should cut cut through the pepperonis
what is the blue cutter for apple dessert only
true or false; the yellow cutter is used for bavarian dessert and the green cutter is used for the apple dessert false, yellow is for garlic bread and green is for pizza
a carry out fudge brownie get cut how many times 3 x 5
how many cuts do dessert pizzas receive 7 cuts
once garlic parmesan knots come out of the oven you must apply how may rows of garlic butter over each roll 3 rows
what is the correct cut for a medium deep dish pizza 3 x 1
the medium buffalo pizza gets how many rings of buffalo drizzle sauce 4 rings
true or false; when cutting brownies you should use a black pizza cutter or pie cutter true
true or false; deep dish products should always be placed in the carry out box from side to side false
where do you place a guest check on a carry out order with multiple pizzas on the top box of the order
true or false; if an order is marked ''paid'' cutter should take the pizza order to the guest greeter true
true or false; you should never remove products from the oven before the product has passed completely through the oven's exit true
before placing medium carry out pizzas into the carry out box you should remove the black olive from the crust
after a deep dish comes out of the oven on the 1st pass you should return it to the cook area right away
true or false; the shelf life of all cooked product begins when the product is place on the buffet false, when it exits the oven
as a buffet product nears its shelf life what could you do to avoid waste walk the pizza around the dining room and offer it to the guests
when should buffet utensils be cleaned and sanitized during the mid, at least every 4 hours, as they become soiled
how many times can you reuse round dessert pans once
the holding temperature for pasta sauce and soup is between 150 160 deg F
a bavarian dessert should be removed from the buffet if it is o longer visually appealing or after 30 min
an apple dessert should be removed from the buffet if it is no longer visually appealing or after 1 hour
the maximum shelf life of cinnamon rolls once cooked is 1 hour
true or false; a deep dish has a shelf life of 45 min false 40 min
what is the shelf life of garlic bread once it exits the oven 30 min
what is said when placing an ole pizza on the buffet uno, dos, tres.....ole
true or false; ole pizzas are good for 15 min on the buffet true
the amount of time that food products can stay on the buffet is called the 25 min rule
select the pizza that should always be available on the first pizza slot on the buffet pepperoni pizza
true or false; it is not permissible to ever place a product on the top of the buffet warmers true
when should you switch out the brownies on the buffet when the pan is less than half full
when writing a special request it is most important to ask can i have your name please
pizzas on the buffet with __ or less slices of pizza must be considered or removed 4
true or false; you should NOT consolidate more than 2 kinds of pizzas per pan true
the maximum amount of time that all products should be staged on the backup staging warmers is 5 min
select the items that go on a special request ticket time order was taken, name of guest, number of slices, marker number and color, and initials or order taker
what is the shelf life of the following pizzas medium pepperoni, italiano pizza, pasta, and apple medium pepperoni; 25 min italiano pizza; 25 min pasta; 30 min apple;60 min
you notice a guest browsing the buffet. what should you do ask the guest if there is anything that he is looking for in particular
it is a slow mid-afternoon and you notice that there are 2 pizzas that are out of shelf life, what should you do? throw out the 2 old pizzas and have holes until the fresh pizzas are ready
you notice that there is a spinach pizza consolidated with a pepperoni pizza, why is this not proper consolidation white sauce pizza should not be consolidated with a red sauce pizza
greet all guests within ___ seconds once they enter the restaurant with a "high welcome to cici's" or if there is a line as soon as they reach the register 5 seconds
when interacting with guests, the guest greeter should always smile and make eue contact and be sincere
what should you ask each guest at the register are you familiar with our buffet
what must you include when explaining the buffet in detail the buffet is all the pizza, pasta, salad and dessert you can eat. drinks are additional price and can be found ( point and beverage station). my name is ___, please let me know if i can help with anything
which items should not be kept on the front counter paper work, OMC checklist, phone list, communication log
the maximum amount of cash allowed in the register is $400
true or false; when preforming a cash drop the manager and team member both must verify the amount true
the guest greeter should always suggestively sell what soft drinks/tea, 32oz large drinks or promotional items, and wings
true or false; the guest greeter must give all buffet guests their receipts and explain survey true
salad dressing shold be filled leaving a half inch rim from the top of the crock
the salad bar shold be continuously monitored for cleanliness and should be wiped down at least every 5 min
the salad bar must be filled and flipped a minimum of 2 times per day
a clean parking lot, windows and doors are important in order to set a great first impression
after completing the transaction the guest greater should give the guest their receipt
all salad bar items must always be a minimum of 1/2 full at all times
the total is $16.98 the guest pays you $50.03. what is their change $33.05
true or false; you should always give your name to guests and offer your assistance after each transaction true
the guest survey is a method of cici's to gather guest feedback that will help the restaurant become aware of strengths and weaknesses
anyone ___ or older should be charged the adult price 11 years old
before ringing up sales, the person using the register must count down the beginning cash in the register ( verify the drawer)
true or false; the total is $12.66, the guest pays $20.16. their change comes to $7.44 false, change is $8.50
a family with a toddler approaches the counter; what should you do ask if they need a high chair or booster seat for the child
true or false; cherry tomatoes must be de-stemmed and washed before serving true
to set a great first impression the guest greeter should sincerely welcome guests to cici's, have a positive attitude, and smile and make eye contact
gift cards are sold in what values $10 or $25
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