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CPT Med Terms

Medical Terms

Dependents Spouse and Children of the insured
Physiochemical physiology & Chemistry
Conjunctivitis pink eye
gran stain prcedure for identification of organisms; gram- positive, gram negative types
Incontinence can't hold urine or bowls
Appendectomy Surgical excision of the appendex
Inscription meds perscribed
Subscription dispense directions to pharmacist
signa directions to patients
superscription RX symbol
professionalism person who conforms the rules & standards of his chosen profession
medicaid government funded healthcare program.
deductable money that needs paid before policy begins benefits
medicare government funded program that pays for healthcare for ppl over 65
Urea the chief nitrogenous constituent of urine
polypharmacy taking multiple medications
chemical name drug name from the composition of the drug
inventory medications on hand
Buccal inside of the cheek
Cream A semisolid emulsion ordinarily intended for tropical use
Plaster A solid preparation that can spread when heated but becomes adhesive @ body temp
Placebo A medication that is thought to be a drug but contains glass for measuring liquids
Half-Life The time it takes for the plasma concentration of a drug to reduce by 50%
Ratio A mathematical expression that compares two numbers by division
Denominator The number the whole is divided into
Common Fraction Equal parts of a whole
menopause The ceasing of menstruation
Anatomy The study of the structure of the body
Antibiotics has the ability to destroy or interfere with the development of a living organism
Auxilliary Labels added instructions and warnings to patient about the prescription
Antihistamines Drugs that counteract the action of histamine
Antitussives A drug that reduces coughing, also called a cough suppressant
Corticosteriods The most potent and consistently effective anti-inflammatory agents that are currently available for relief of respiratory conditions
Hyperlipidemia The presence of raised or abnormal levels of lipids or lipoproteins in the blood
Hypertension High blood pressure equal to or greater than 140/90
Benzodiazepines Drugs that help relieve nervousness, tension and other symptoms by slowing down the central Nervous System
Sedative Substances that suppress the central nervous system and induce calmness, relaxation, drowsiness or sleep
Gingivitis A very common and mild form of gum disease that causes irritation, redness and swelling of your gums
Edema Swelling of any tissue with the interstitial fluid surrounds the cells
Renal Failure inability of the kidney to excrete waste and to help maintain the electrolyte balance
Antidepressant Adrug used to prevent or treat clinical depression
Opiates Analgesic pain killing drugs such as heroin and morphine that depress the central nervous system
Adverse Reaction Characterized as more severe symptoms or problems that develop due to the adminisration of a drug
Contraindication A condition that increases the chance of a serious adverse reaction
Epitaxis An oriented overgrowth of crystaline material upon the surface of another crystal of different chemical composition but similar structure
Potentiation One drug prolongs the effects of another drug
Synergism The cooperative effect of two or more drugs given together to produce a stonger effect than that of either drug given alone
Antagonism When two drugs act to decrease the effect of each other
Edema Swelling of any tissue with the interstitial fluid surrounds the cells
Renial Failure (Kidney Failure) Inabiliy of the kidney to excrete waste and to help maintain the electroyte balance
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