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English Final Vocabb

approbation (n) the expression of approval or favorable opinion, praise; official approval
expostulate (v) to attempt to dissuade someone from some course or decision by earnest reasoning
meritorious (adj) worthy, deserving recognition and praise
unctuous (adj) excessively smooth or smug; trying too hard to give an impression of earnestness, sincerity,or piety;fatty, oily; pliable
ameliorate (v) to improve, make better, correct a flaw or shortcoming
exhort (v) to urge strongly, advise earnestly
inveigh (v) to make a violent attack in words, express strong disapproval
surmise (v) to think or believe without certain supporting evidence; to conjecture or guess (n) likely idea that lacks definite proof
ascribe (v) to assign or refer to (as cause or source), attribute
expiate (v) to make amends, make up for; to avert
proclivity (n) a natural or habitual inclination or tendency (especially of human character or behavior)
seditious (adj) resistant to lawful authority; having the purpose of overthrowing an established government
amorphous (adj) shapeless, without definite form; of no particular type or character; without organization, unity, or cohesion
erudite (adj) scholarly, learned, bookish, pedantic
querulous (adj) peevish, complaining, fretful
sedulous (adj) persistent, showing industry and determination
precept (n)a rule of conduct or action
soporific (adj) tending to cause sleep, relating to sleepiness or lethargy (n) something that induces sleep
transient (adj) lasting only a short time, fleeting; (n) one who stays only a short time
vapid (adj) dull, uninteresting, tiresome; lacking in sharpness, flavor, liveliness, or force
anomalous (adj) abnormal, irregular, departing from the usual
fetter (n) a chain r shackle placed on the feet (often used in plural); anything that confines or restrains (v) to chain or shackle; to render helpless or impotent
immutable (adj) not subject to change, constant
transmute (v) to change from one nature, substance, or form to another
crass (adj) coarse, unfeeling; stupid
mitigate (v) to make milder or softer, to moderate in force or intensity
punctilious (adj) very careful and exact, attentive to fine points of etiquette
stalwart (adj) strong and sturdy; brave; resolute (n) a brave, strong person; a strong supporter; one who takes an uncompromising position
acrimonious (adj) stinging, bitter in temper or tone
corpulent (adj) fat; having a large, bulky body
impugn (v) to call into question; to attack as false
perfidy (n) faithlessness, treachery
anathema (n) an object of intense dislike; a curse or strong denunciation (often used adjectivally without the articles)
culpable (adj) deserving blame, worthy of condemnation
equivocate (v) to speak or act in a way that allows for more than one interpretation; to be deliberately vague or ambiguous
torpid (adj) inactive, sluggish, dull
covert (adj) hidden, disguised, purposefully kept secret; sheltered, secluded (n) a sheltered place, a hiding place
gratuitous (adj) freely given; not called for by circumstances, unwarranted
imperious (adj) overbearing, arrogant; seeking to dominate; pressing, compelling
munificent (adj) extremely generous, lavish
abstemious (adj) moderate, sparing (as in eating and drinking); characterized by abstinence and self-discipline
discursive (adj) passing aimlessly from one place or subject to another, rambling, roving, nomadic
inculcate (v) to impress on the mid by repetition, teach persistently and earnestly
salient (adj) leaping, jumping, or springing forth;prominent, standing out, conspicuous (n) a projection or bulge, a land form that project upward or outward
deleterious (adj) harmful, injurious
extenuate (v) to lessen the seriousness or magnitude of an offense by making partial excuses
prosaic (adj) dull, lacking in distinction and originality; matter-of-fact, straightforward; characteristic of prose, not poetic
sanctimonious (adj) making a show of virtue or righteousness; hypocritically moralistic or pious, self-righteous, canting, holier-than-thou
aver (v) to affirm, declare confidently
foment (v) to promote trouble or rebellion; to apply warm liquids to, warm
inauspicious (adj) unfavorable, unlucky, suggesting bad luck for the future
nonplussed (adj) puzzled, not knowing what to do, at a loss
prolific (adj) abundantly productive; abundant, profue
credulous (adj) too ready to believe, easily deceived
expatiate (v) to expand on, write or talk at length or in detail; to move about freely
obdurate (adj) stubborn, unyielding
sententious (adj) self-righteous, characterized by moralizing; given to use f maxims or adages; saying much in few words, pithy
choleric (adj) easily made angry, bad-tempered
mawkish (adj) excessively and objectionably sentimental; having a mildly sickening flavor
onus (n) something that is heavy or burdensome (especially an unwelcome responsibility); a stigma; blame
sartorial (adj) of r pertaining to a tailor or his work; having t do with clothes r dress (especially men's)
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