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Settlement terms

Key terms

Urbanisation The process through which an increasing percentage of a country's population lives in urban areas compared with rural areas
Industrialisation The development of an industry on a large or extensive scale
Brownfield site A site that is available for redevelopment, and has previously been built on (may be abandoned or underused)
Greenfield site Undeveloped land currently used for agriculture or landscape; a blank canvas to developers
Rural Associated with countryside; a less densely populated area of a country
Urban A more densely populated area consisting of vast human features in comparison to surrounding areas
Site An area of ground on which a building or settlement is constructed
Situation The location and surroundings of a place
Central place theory A theory concerning the number, size and location of human settlements
Threshold The level, rate or amount at which something comes into effect
Range Area of variation between upper and lower limits
Sphere of influence The geographical area in which one settlement is very influential
Sustainable Able to be maintained at a certain rate or level
Migration The movement of people from one country or locality to another
Counterurbanisation The process through which people move from urban areas to rural areas
Squatter A person who breaks the law by occupying an ininhabited building or unused land
Shanty towns or favelas Slum settlements where poor people are forced to live in poor conditions
Central business district (CBD) The main shopping and business centre of a city
Inner city The are near the centre of a city
Suburbs Residential or mixed use areas that exist either as parts of cities or on the outskirts
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