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Quiz Unknowns 3

Quiz questions for Issa - Pages 1-2

What name that comes from the Persian for “wool” is given to the fine shawls made from cashmere and silk that are popular in the west? Pashmina
What is the name of Zadie Smith’s 2006 Orange Prize-winning novel said by the author to be a homage to EM Forster’s Howards End? On Beauty
Which comedy drama series first shown in 1998, starred James Nesbit and Helen Baxendale and focused on the lifes and loves of three Manchester-based couples? Cold Feet
Which soldier and statesman married Elizabeth Bourchier, the daughter of a London merchant in 1620? Oliver Cromwell
The dish paella is said to have originated in and is particularly associated with which region of Spain? Valencia
In which town does the Bishop of Durham have his official residence? Bishop Auckland
What name is given to the large stomach chamber that many plant-eating animals use to break down their food before it is regurgitated back into the mouth? Ruminant
Who was the defendant in the case IT 2054, which began in The Hague in 2002? Slobodan Milosevic
Zelda Zonk is a pseudonym once used by which actress? Marilyn Monroe
In the 1920s, TS Eliot became a director of which publishing company, for which he continued to work for many decades? Faber and Faber
What term is used to describe abnormalities or medical conditions that are present at birth? Congenital
The steamship “Rowenska” was in 1919 purchased and renamed Electra, and converted into both a home and experimental laboratory by which London-based electrical engineer? Marconi
Who is the Knight of the Swan – the hero of the German version of a wide-spread legend, commemorated by a romantic opera by Wagner in 1850? Lohengrin
What word is used in psychology or psychoanalysis to describe the unconscious transformation of an instinctive urge into something more socially acceptable? Sublimation
Number 1, Carlton Gardens has been whose official residence in London since the 1940s? Foreign Secretary
What surname is shared by the 20th century cultural figures Antoine – a Russian born sculptor and painter, and Nikolaus – a German born architectural historian? Pevsner
What is the general term for an electric battery made in such a way that its electrolyte is a paste instead of a liquid to ensure it doesn’t spill? Dry cell
Who, during his final days, when asked if he wanted Queen Victoria to be summoned to his bedside, is said to have replied “No, it is better not. She would only ask me to take a message to Albert”? Benjamin Disraeli
Tokay is a species of which creature? Gecko
Which operetta by Noel Coward features the song Tokay? Bitter Sweet
The appearance of which double act at the Glasgow Empire is said to have inspired the legendary heckle “Oh god, there’s two of ‘em”? Mike and Bernie Winters
Which poem by Robert Frost features the lines “The woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep”? Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening
What is the name of Damien Hirst’s controversial artwork – featuring a lamb in formaldehyde, that was first seen in public in 1994? Away From The Flock
In physics, which term – denoted by the letter z, describes the increase in wavelength of electromagnetic radiation, caused either by the Doppler effect from a receding force, or by the presence of a gravitational field? Red shift
Aldergrove airport – sustaining a regular civil air service since 1933, and still sharing its runways with a RAF base, was developed to serve which major UK city? Belfast
In baking, which gas is released when yeast ferments, causing the dough to rise? Carbon dioxide
Which international association of environmental pressure groups was founded in the USA by David Brower? Friends of the Earth
Which physician – a leading figure of the French Revolution, and born near the Swiss city of Neuchatel, edited the radical newspaper L’ami du Peuple? Jean-Paul Marat
In art, what is the alternative French term for works known as readymades, a term that reflects their discovered nature – such as Duchamp’s “Fountain”? Objet trouve
What is the pen name of Irish novelist and journalist Brian O’Nolan, under which he published his 1939 novel At Swim-Two-Birds? Flann O’Brien
In Dante’s Inferno, the devil is depicted as having three faces, and each of his three jaws choose a different figure from history – Brutus, Cassius and which other figure? Judas Iscariot
Of which piece of classical music did George Bernard Shaw write “I sat up and said Whew! I knew we had got it at last”? Enigma Variations
Which English landmark was designed by Lancashire architects James Maxwell and Charles Tuke, both of whom had died by the time it opened in 1894? Blackpool Tower
Which moon of Neptune orbits in the opposite direction to its parent planet’s rotation, and has one of the coldest surfaces of any object in the solar system? Triton
Netherlide, also known as Alderlin, which was invented by Sir James Black in 1962, was the first type of which drug used in the treatment of heart conditions? Beta blocker
Which river flows over the Pennine waterfall High Force – England’s highest uninterrupted fall of water? Tees
In Japanese homes, what is a shoji? Sliding door/screen
In which city was Roman Polanski born? Paris
What scientific term describes the condition in which no heat flows from part of a system to another, because all parts are at the same temperature? Thermoequilibrium
The words or terms “macho”, “Levis”, “neutron” and “iron curtain” were first recorded in the Oxford English Dictionary in which decade? 1920s
By British tradition, someone nicknamed Nobby is likely to have what common surname? Clark
Batrachophobia is the fear of what? Amphibians
The Hadal Zone is a term used to delineate which particular environment or habitat on planet Earth? Depths/deepest part of the ocean
Which John Grisham novel features four homeless children called Ontario, Alonzo, Dante and Temeko? The Street Lawyer
Which Australian boxer won gold in the middleweight division at the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games? Paul Miller
Which Benjamin Britten opera is set on a man o’war in Napoleonic times? Billy Budd
What name is given to a young hen, especially from its first lay to its first moult? Pullet
Which location, made famous by George Formby Sr and George Orwell, was originally a coaling stage on the Liverpool to Leeds canal? Wigan Pier
Prestbury Park – home to the Gold Cup, is better known by what name? Cheltenham
First published in 1956, what is the seventh and last book in The Chronicles of Narnia series? The Last Battle
What name did the English critic and painter Roger Fry give to the art movement of the late 19th century whose members included Cezanne, Gauguin and Van Gogh? Post-Impressionism
What is the traditional name of the small fish from the herring family, now often marketed as the Cornish sardine? Pilchard
In science, which quantity is defined as mass per unit volume? Density
In 1992, the Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar became the first overseas player to play for which English county? Yorkshire
Which prison, built to hold French prisoners in the Napoleonic wars, is situated near the village of Princetown? Dartmoor
Created by: ischultz35
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