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Chapter 3

Correlation relationship between two variables
job oriented/person oriented job analysis
uses of job analysis selection performance appraisal career development training legal issues
sources of job analysis info worker/employee supervisor analyst- all are subject matter experts
Job analysis method observation interviews- open ended, involve structure diaries
job description a detailed description of job tasks, procedures and responsibilities- the tools and equipment used and the end product or service
job specification a statement of the human characteristics required to perform a job
job evaluation an assessment of the relative value of a job to determine appropriate compensation
compensable factors responsibility education experience work condition
I/O psy who specialize in personnel psy are involved in: employee recruitment & selection the measurement of employee performance & the establishment of good performance review procedures the development of employee training programs the formulation of criteria for promotion, firing, and disciplinary action
Specific job analysis technique: Job element a broad approach to job analysis that focuses on the knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics (KSAOs) required to perform a particular job- relies on subject matter experts (SMEs)
Critical incident technique (CIT) helps to determine your performance = job analysis
Position analysis questionnaire (PAQ) information input mental processes work output relationships with other persons job context other job characteristics
Functional job analysis (FJA) is a method that has been used to classify jobs in terms of the worker's interaction with data, people and things
Dictionary of occupational titles (DOT)->book O*NET->computer Standard occupational classification (SOC)
job evaluation & comparable worth *job analysis yields a job evaluation, or an assessment of the relative value of jobs used to determine appropriate compensation *these evaluations usually examine jobs on dimensions that are called compensable factors
job evaluation & comparable worth cont'd (e.g. physical demands of a job, amount of training, working conditions, and responsibilities
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