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Animal rights

Key terms

Vivisection Peforming surgery on live animals for scientific research and testing
Cloning Taking the DNA of an animal and using it to create an identical replica
Stewardship The teaching that it is important to care for the environment or future generations will suffer
Universal Declaration of Animal Rights A list of rules concerning the well-being and rights of animals
RSPCA A charity in England and Wales that opposes animal cruelty. It was started by a vicar, and has a Christian ethos
Halal meat Meat prepared for eating in a specific humane way, as prescribed by Muslim law
Animal testing The use of non-human animals in experimentation
Hunting The activity in which wild animals are killed for sport, food, or their body parts
Factory farming Industrial farming, with poor conditions
Barn animals Animals farmed in relatively poor conditions, but with better living conditions than factory farmed animals
Free range A type of farming where animals have some degree of freedom
Vegetarian A person who does not eat meat for moral, religious or health reasons
Pescetarian A person who includes fish in their diet but not the meat of land animals
Vegan A person who does not eat or use animal products
Ivory trade The commercial and often illegal trade of tusks from animals such as elephants
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