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DrugMechanismAdverse Effects
Methotrexate DHFR inhibitor; cytotoxic to lymphocytes; 1st line in moderate-severe Hepatotoxicity, acute renal failure
Sulfsalazine Sulfapyridine decreases B cell function; 5-ASA inhibits COX Hemolysis in G6PD
Glucocorticoids Decrease LTs, ILs, PAF ACTH suppression, cushingoid state, osteoporosis, GI distress, glaucoma
Gold salts Decrease lysosomal & macrophage function Dermatitis, nephrotoxicity, cholestatic jaundice
Penicillamine Suppresses T cells & RF (Cu chelator in Wilson's dz) Proteinuria, autoimmune disease
Leflunomide Inhibits pyrimidine synthesis (inhibits DHOD [dihydroorotate dehydrogenase], decreasing UMP, decreasing ribonucleotides); arrests lymphocytes in G1 phase Alopecia, rash, diarrhea, hepatotoxicity
Adalimumab Anti-TNF antibody Increased risk of infection (screen pt for TB)
Hydroxychloroquine Stabilizes lysosomes; decreases chemotaxis Cinchonism, hemolysis in G6PD, retinal deposits (pts need regular optho exams)
Created by: kesselmb